Series News Üç Kuruş series shocked those who saw the ratings, no one expected this low!

Üç Kuruş series shocked those who saw the ratings, no one expected this low!

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The situation that the Üç Kuruş series aired on Show TV has reached despite such great effort and setting off with such an effective cast is very thought-provoking.

The series, Üç Kuruş, which carries the signature of Ay Yapım and which sets out to continue in the same way where Çukur left off, is going to the bad end step by step. The acting performances of the series starring Uraz Kaygılaroğlu and Ekin Koç are very successful. All the details, from the atmosphere created by the team, from the costumes to the decorations, have been carefully selected.

However, it is necessary to see the fact that the expectations for the script could not be met and the audience began to break away from the story gradually. The ratings of the 15th episode of the Üç Kuruş series, which has already been in decline for a while, came quite low…

While it was expected that it would recover after the recent declines and that the audience would show interest in the series again, the opposite happened.

We see that the Üç Kuruş series has descended to the seventh place with EU ratings falling below the average. Ratings that are slightly above the average in all people and ABC1 categories may not be enough to ensure the continuation of the project.

There is not a very positive image for the series, which finished the day eighth in all people and also achieved seventh place on ABC1. The viewers of the series state that the problem stems from the story.

Üç Kuruş has experienced a rapid decline in recent weeks and continues to lose viewers. In order for this situation to be reversed, the production team must take a step. Otherwise, the show’s loss of power with each passing week will make it difficult for it to survive.