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13 August 2022 07:05


Uğur Aslan, Commissioner Eren of Yargı, was caught playing candy crush on Marmaray!

Uğur Aslan, who plays a role in Kanal D’s ambitious work, Yargı, draws attention with his modesty. His fans express how humble the talented actor is in his social media posts. The last post made by a fan resulted in the gesture of Uğur Aslan.

Experienced actor Uğur Aslan plays the character of Commissioner Eren Duman in the series Yargı. Attracting attention with his acting, Aslan draws attention with his quality acting, although he never takes part in very ambitious roles.

Another striking aspect of Uğur Aslan is his modesty. Fans often draw attention to this side of the famous actor in their social media posts. Finally, a fan’s sharing and Aslan’s gesture made the famous actor win even more hearts.

A fan of Uğur Aslan said that he met the famous actor in Marmaray in his post. Aslan’s fan, who took a photo of him while traveling on Marmaray and shared it, said, “You were sitting across from me in Marmaray yesterday, luck brother. You are a very humble man. You’re everyone’s favorite.” he wrote.

Uğur Aslan sincerely responded to his fan’s share and wrote, “Look, if you had called, it would be love.” His fan’s response was hilarious. The fan wrote, “You were playing candy crush, I couldn’t call you in order to you’d not to burn”.

Commissioner Eren Duman of Yargı TV series proved once again how modest he was with this correspondence he made with his fan on social media and collected the points.

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