Artists News Uğur Güneş did this for the series despite his great fear!

Uğur Güneş did this for the series despite his great fear!

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Famous actor Uğur Güneş appeared in front of his fans with a new production after the adventure of Bir Zamanlar Çukurova, which lasted for 3 seasons. The actor, whom we watched with the character of Davut in Kanunsuz Topraklar series broadcast on Fox TV, takes the lead role with Esra Bilgiç.

Uğur Güneş stated that they took the audience to 1939 and that they were the first TV series to go to those years. After 4 months of work, it was revealed with the explanations of the actors that the shooting of the series, which was published in the first episode, was very difficult.

Uğur Güneş explained that especially the mining scenes were very difficult for him. The series team had to go to Zonguldak for the first episode shooting and shoot in the coal mine for 2 weeks. It turned out that these scenes forced Uğur Güneş very hard.

Uğur Güneş, who has claustrophobia, that is, the fear of closed spaces, has barely completed the 2 week mining shoots due to his role. The actor said in his statement:

“As a team, it was very difficult. I entered the mine for the first time. I already have claustrophobia. We spent 2 weeks there. We shot very difficult scenes. It’s a cliché, but we shot some really difficult scenes. It was very difficult for me to get wet, especially in the cold. Because it’s a very cold place there.”

Expressing that he loves to play in period works, the actor said that the atmosphere of such productions attracts his. The actor said, “I love the atmosphere, the costumes, the cars, the accessories. Because I get into the script very quickly. I get bored with other day jobs. That’s why when I put on the costume, those costumes take me into the atmosphere. I can show myself more as a character.”