Artists News Unbelievable but true! Hande Erçel’s unstoppable rise in social media continues!

Unbelievable but true! Hande Erçel’s unstoppable rise in social media continues!

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Hande Erçel is one of the most popular young actresses of the last period. She made her biggest debut with the TV series Sen Çal Kapımı, which said goodbye to the screen in September on Fox TV. She was also appreciated in the productions she acted in before, but she gained millions of fans from many countries of the world with the romantic comedy Sen Çal Kapımı!

Sen Çal Kapımı series starring Hande Erçel and Kerem Bürsin was getting good ratings with its first episodes on the screen. The series, which started to be broadcast on the weekend during the season after the summer months, continued with average ratings. But with the series, Erçel and Bürsin added fame to their reputation. The duo’s increasing number of followers on social media began to attract great attention.

In particular, the number of followers of Hande Erçel increased so quickly that even she admitted that she was very surprised by this on the program Tonight with İbrahim Selim. While the actress said that she attracted so many followers because she was sincere and natural, she also confirmed that she had more followers than some Hollywood stars.

Since then, Erçel’s followers have increased even more and she now has 26.7 million followers on her Instagram account! This number continues to increase because although the TV series Sen Çal Kapımı ended in Turkey, it was broadcast in 85 countries around the world and carried Erçel and Bürsin to the international arena.

Unbelievable but true! Hande Erçel's unstoppable rise in social media continues! 7

It is astonishing that Hande Erçel has reached this number of followers that will make many people jealous! His fans, who continue to increase, do not take the actress off the agenda of social media! In a measurement made by Adba in the past days, Hande Erçel took the first place in the category of the most talked about actress of 2021.

Although he is not on the screen at the moment, the actress continues to be talked about. By the way, to compare the number of followers of Hande Erçel with another example, Nusret Gökçe, the owner of Nusr’et Restaurant, is an example… Because Gökçe is Turkish with the highest number of followers on Instagram in the world. His follower count is also 35 million.

If it goes on like this, it is likely that Hande Erçel will surpass Nusret Gökçe in a short time… The high number of followers of Erçel causes many brands to follow suit. The advertisement of the brand, shared by Hande Erçel, the face of a jewelery brand, on her social media account, reached more than 5 million viewers.

In the meantime, when asked whether she has a new TV series project, the actress replied: “There are scenarios that I have read and evaluated. In my next work, I want to give spirit to a strong woman who has a problem, has a cause, has a stance against life, will inspire the audience with her life and stance, and will take a place in her heart.”