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17 May 2022 16:31


Unexpected result from the Adı Sevgi series!

The new series of Sunday evenings, Adı Sevgi (Name is Love), is one of the ambitious productions of ATV. The series started its screen journey a few weeks ago. It was also expected that the drama series Adı Sevgi, which instills hope with its story, would be a fierce competitor with the TV series Yargı (Judgment) and Teşkilat (Organization) broadcast on Sunday evenings.

The series, starring Gizem Güneş, one of the young actress who made a successful debut with the character of Feride in the Kuzey Yıldızı (North Star) series, and Yunus Emre Yıldırımer, one of the popular names of the younger generation, will be on the screen with its 4th episode this week.

In the series, the struggle of Elif teacher to save the girls who were married at a young age is told. It is an exciting process for the followers of the series to watch the girls’ rescue and a hopeful message coming out of this story, mostly thanks to the endless struggle of Elif teacher, in the series that touches on a bleeding wound of the society.

However, this series of ATV also upsets its followers because it did not receive the expected rating results on Sunday evenings.

It is seen that the series, which made an assertive debut with its first episode, could not maintain the same claim in the third episode. The audience liked the screen harmony of Elif and Emir. The plot of the story is already burning everyone’s heart. Adding impressive acting, higher ratings were expected from Adı Sevgi.

With the last episode ratings and interaction on social media, it seems that the series failed to deliver what was expected! Thus, due to the expectations for a long-running drama, alarm bells began to ring on behalf of the ratings!

The Adı Sevgi series, which was overshadowed by the Teşkilat series, received 88 thousand shares with its last episode on social media, while the Yargı series was at the top with 66 thousand shares. Adı Sevgi, on the other hand, received nearly 8,000 messages. The difference is revealing the situation!

AdıSevgi series, which makes the difference between its competitors and its competitors even bigger in the ratings! It is in the 6th place in the category of all persons of the series Adı Sevgi in the top 10 rankings among the productions published on Sunday evening. However, it drew attention with its thirteenth place in AB and tenth place in ABC1!

Adı Sevgi series, which the channel brought to the screen with great expectation as a drama production, could not continue the ratings in the first episode! The following weeks are a critical process for the series!

The 6th place in the category of all people and its rating reveal that there are still hopes for the series. But their low rates in the AB and ABC1 categories are a big disappointment!

In order for the series to be successful, a lot of effort is put in front of the camera and behind the camera. It is the common wish of all that all these efforts will be rewarded. However, these ratings also reveal that measures should be taken in order to attract the audience and increase the excitement. Let’s see if the Adı Sevgi series will be able to gather strength in the coming weeks. We will watch and see…

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