Vahide Perçin cries out the thoughts of many women with the series Aldatmak!
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5 December 2022 13:19


Vahide Perçin cries out the thoughts of many women with the series Aldatmak!

The story of the TV series called Aldatmak (Deception), which is broadcast on Thursday evenings, attracts the audience. The ratings of the series, starring Vahide Perçin, are also very good, and it is considered a great success for the series to stand out in such a tough race.

The biggest factor underlying this success is hidden in the personality of the Güzide character. Güzide, who is a female judge, does not postpone the problems she has experienced in her family, does not ignore these problems, does not turn her back. She stands tall in her perseverance and determination to deal with these problems.

It is this attitude of Güzide that pushes millions of TV series fans to watch Aldatmak. The words of the distinguished character to her husband, Tarık, who established a second family for him, actually pleased those who wanted to see a strong female character on the screen.

Güzide says, “My children don’t need you. I do not need you. We don’t need you.” In fact, these words have an effect like the shouting of the women who have to accept that they have been deceived, but they can’t make it in their own lives.

It has become one of the most interesting productions of this season, with the story of the series “Aldatmak” overlapping with real life and the strong female character Güzide’s success in standing, revealing the unforgivable mistakes made by young people.

The third new episode of the series “Aldatmak” will meet with the audience on Thursday, October 6, on the ATV screen.

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