Very interesting! Criticism in Turkey, praise abroad! After Hazal Kaya, Aslı Enver was on the agenda!
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5 October 2022 11:03


Very interesting! Criticism in Turkey, praise abroad! After Hazal Kaya, Aslı Enver was on the agenda!

First Hazal Kaya was criticized, then Aslı Enver. But there are accolades abroad for both actors. It is not known whether the liking criteria of the audience is high in Turkey or whether unfair criticisms are made especially. However, after the Netflix platform gave importance to domestic productions, messages from abroad showed once again the fact that the Turkish TV series and cinema industry has produced very successful works.

Very heavy comments were made on Hazal Kaya, who received many criticisms for the character she portrayed in the series called Midnight at the Pera Palas, which was broadcast on Netflix. Although the actress did not pay much attention to these comments, her colleagues made sentences defending her. She praises Hazal Kaya, who is highly criticized in Turkey, in the evaluations made by various broadcasting organizations abroad.

Aslı Enver is experiencing a similar situation. The actress, who appeared before her fans again after a long break, became the agenda with the movie called Sen Yaşamaya Bak. Aslı Enver, who received negative comments for the song she sang in the project in which Kaan Urgancıoğlu took the leading role, and who was always criticized for her acting in the same type, was appreciated in France.

Netflix’s Top 10 list includes different content in each country. In France, the movie Sen Yaşamaya Bak was among the top 10 and had a significant success. This film, which was watched with admiration by foreign audiences, focused more on criticizing the Turkish audience.

The fact that Aslı Enver and Kaan Urgancıoğlu were a very good duo was one of the reasons for the success of the movie. The fact that the movie, released under the name Reste La Vie, rose to the sixth rank, shows that the audience liked the story and the actors.

In the comment on the website AlloCine, it was emphasized that it was an exciting and upsetting story. Cosmopolitan magazine, on the other hand, stated, “We warn you in advance, prepare the handkerchiefs”.

These praises are enough to explain the interest shown in the film abroad, contrary to the intense criticism in Turkey.

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