Cocuk Episode 3 Trailer | English Subtitles | Bahasa Indonesia | Turkish TV Series
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29 March 2023 19:11


Cocuk Episode 3 Trailer | English Subtitles | Bahasa Indonesia

Çocuk (The Boy), 1141 Production signed, the first part of the Turkish drama television series published on September 9, 2019, directed by Serkan Birinci, and written by Nazlı Sunlu Kaçan and Hilal Yıldız. It ended by making a final on January 28, 2020.Visit our Microsite :

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#NazanKesal #İsmailHacıoğlu #SerhatTeoman #MerveÇağıranThe life of the Karasu family is mortgaged to a great secret that Asiye Hanım, the family’s owner, keeps secret from everyone. The baby he gave to her bride Şule’s lap at the time is the son of her illegitimate son Hasan, whom she hid from everyone. When Şule gave birth to her own son, Efe, whom she had been looking at for five years as a child, started to come to her eyes. Unaware that the child does not belong to her, Ali Kemal reacts to his wife’s indifference towards Efe, a wrong step that Şule took to get rid of Efe by darkening her eyes. It causes Akça, the real mother of Efe, to enter their lives. Danger bells started ringing for Asiye. It is only a matter of time before Hasan, unaware that her son is alive, enters the mansion, which he sees with Akça as a castle of Asiye.

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