Çocukluk Episode 3 Trailer | English Subtitle | Bahasa Indonesia | Turkish TV Series
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23 March 2023 04:00


Çocukluk Episode 3 Trailer | English Subtitle | Bahasa Indonesia

Çocukluk (Abandoned), Med Productions and MF Production, the first part of which was broadcast on October 9, 2020 and finalized on December 25, 2020, directed by Nadim Güç, and written by Ebru Hacıoğlu and Verda Pars, a Turkish-made television series.Visit our Microsite : https://serbadizi.com
Cocukluk All Episode : https://serbadizi.com/cocukluk

#BerenGökyıldız #BurcuÖzberkMahir Boztepe (Erdal Beşikçioğlu), who left his whole life behind and opened the Ali Kaan Hope House, ensured that every orphaned child who came to his house from the first day found the right family. The pain of Mavi (Beren Gökıldız), Mozi (Kübra Süzgün), Bambi (Nilay Yeral) and Zeynep (Derinsu Akkuş), who share the same room in this nest, to find their families, their longing and disappointments for their own families make them inseparable sisters. and this brotherhood will enable them to embrace life hand in hand and with hope. When the girls are desperate, their officer Ayşegül (Burcu Özberk) is ready to come to their rescue. Source: www.vikipedia.org

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