Öğretmen Episode 3 Trailer | English Subtitle | Bahasa Indonesia

Öğretmen Episode 3 Trailer | English Subtitle | Bahasa Indonesia

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Öğretmen (Teacher), Med and MF production signed, the first part of which was released on March 4, 2020, directed by Koray Kerimoğlu and written by Merve Girgin, a Turkish television series in the genre of youth, psychological thriller and drama. Japan made Mr. Based on Hiiragi’s Homeroom series. The series ended in the 9th episode, which was released on November 15, 2020. The series ended on November 22, 2020.Visit https://serbadizi.com
Ogretmen All Episode : https://serbadizi.com/ogretmen

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#İlkerKaleli #CerenMoray #SerhatKılıç #AfraSaraçoğlu #SerkanKeskin #ŞerifErolThe protagonist of the story, physics teacher Akif Erdem; He wants to teach his students a “lesson on humanity”. Only Akif Teacher; He uses a different teaching method than the teachers we know and are used to.

For this last lesson, Akif Erdem first takes the Küçükkapı High School 12A class hostage and uses a bomb to tear the class from the rest of the school. Children and Akif will not be able to go out anymore… And Akif Teacher; asks a question to the children; “Who among you caused the death of 12A student Rüya Örnek?”

There is only one way for young hostages to escape this situation; tell the truth!

Students who will understand and love Akif Teacher, who teaches children and even the whole country the importance of being a “good person” and teaches empathy and thinking; They will realize their mistakes and complete their last lessons successfully.