Ramo Episode 17 Trailer | English Subtitle | Bahasa Indonesia | Turkish TV Series
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29 March 2023 19:38


Ramo Episode 17 Trailer | English Subtitle | Bahasa Indonesia

Ramo, a BKM movie signed, the first part of which was released on January 14, 2020, directed by M. Çağatay Tosun, and the script was written by the trio of Toprak Karaoğlu, Seda Karaoğlu and Birol Tezcan. Ramo, played by Murat Yıldırım, the leading actor of the series, is based on a real character.Visit our Microsite : https://serbadizi.com
Ramo All Episode : https://serbadizi.com/ramo

#MuratYildirim #EsraBilgicRamo (Murat Yıldırım), who gave the name to the series, has a structure that is brave, intelligent and cannot withstand injustice. He and his family have been a windlass in Çukurova, Adana for years, but today they deal with the illegal affairs of an influential family. Ramo decides to revolt despite his family’s objection. However, his attraction with Sibel (Esra Bilgiç), the boss’s daughter, is increasing. His main goal is to reach a person named Cihangir (Olgun Şimşek), who ordered his father’s death. For this, it is essential that he first prove himself in Adana and take Cihangir’s assistant Yavuz (Yiğit Özşener) behind him. A rebellion story will begin between Adana and Istanbul with his family and loved ones.

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