Yemin - The Promise Episode 84 English subtitles | Turkish TV Series
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29 March 2023 18:46


Yemin – The Promise Episode 84 English subtitles

Yemin is a Turkish soap opera broadcast on Channel 7. The director of the series was Ayhan Özen for the first two seasons. The shooting of the series is done in Istanbul.
The leading roles are Özge Yağız, Gökberk Demirci, Yağmur Şahbazova and Can Verel.

Hakan Arslan and Reyhan Pekar have been the directors since the third season of the series.#Yemin #YeminEnglishSubtitles #ThePromise #Episode84 #TurkishSerialsWithEnglishSibyitles #AyishaThousifThe Tarhun family is a very wealthy and well-known family. Hikmet Tarhun, the father of the family, wants to marry his spoiled and irresponsible son Emir. He thinks that the best choice is Reyhan, his nephew, and brings Reyhan to Istanbul to marry his son Emir. Reyhan is a young and beautiful girl. However, she does not want to marry a stranger she does not know, but she cannot break him due to his uncle Hikmet’s illness and reluctantly agrees to marry Emir Tarhun. Emir Tarhun is a man who is fond of freedom, a well-known high-profile flirtatious and handsome man. Emir does not want to marry Reyhan at first. He only accepts after being forced by his father. But he treats Reyhan very badly. Reyhan was mistreated by Emir and her mother Cavidan, but her uncle Hikmet always protected her. Another enemy of Reyhan is Cemre, who has a platonic love for Emir. Cemre does every evil to separate Reyhan and Emir, but she cannot be successful. Eventually she loses her mind. Over time, Reyhan and Emir begin to fall in love with each other. While their marriage continues happily, Reyhan gets sick. Even if she knows that it is difficult for her to live if she gives birth, she gives birth to her baby and dies. Thereupon, Emir is offended by the world. Although the baby does not accept it at first, it gets used to the situation over time. A new love begins between them and Feride, the caregiver who comes to take care of her baby. Emir has begun to recover and catch his former happiness.

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