Zümrüdüanka 22.bölüm Fragman ve Analiz ! | Turkish TV Series
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25 March 2023 01:46


Zümrüdüanka 22.bölüm Fragman ve Analiz !

A Turkish drama series by Zümrüdüanka, Pastel Film, the first part of which was released on January 25, 2020, directed by Volkan Kocatürk and written under the supervision of Eylem Canpolat. It ended by making a final on January 6, 2021.Güncel Türk dizileri hakkında değerlendirmeler, fragman analizleri ve gündem
bilgileri için abone olmayı unutmayın.Detaylar için takipte kalın.

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#zümrüdüankaZümrüt Kuloğlu lives with her father, mother and two sisters in the poorest neighborhood of Nevşehir and works in the factory of Demirkans, one of the most powerful families in Central Anatolia … She is a woman who seeks the reckoning for salvation …

While trying to cope with her pressures, Zümrüt tries to hide the marriage proposal of Adil Bey, one of the heirs of Demirkan, from her mother … However, Ülfet will learn this and resort to a thousand kinds of tricks to put her daughter on the wedding table …Because there is a secret that scorches her heart … Zumrut is in love with Serhat, the grandson of Demirkans who was martyred in Syria … And this love has turned to ash.

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