Series News Weird situation in ‘Forbidden Apple’ series!

Weird situation in ‘Forbidden Apple’ series!


In Fox TV’s “Forbidden Apple” series on the 11th episode last night, Alihan’s traumatic situation began to progress.

Alihan, who caught his mother with a man when he came home from school at a young age, is struggling with the trauma he has been experiencing for years.

Alihan, who ended his relationship with Zeynep because of this trauma, left Zeynep, although he fell in love with the woman becoming unsafe.

Alihan, however, struggled to work together, this time faced a situation that Cem was not expecting as General Manager.

Alihan, who saw close relations with Cem’s Zeynep, is now constantly watching them.

The fact that Zeynep did not go to lunch and that the Cem did not come back to look after her, increased the trauma of Alihan.

Alihan feels like a betrayal, at night the hotel is still attacking. Alihan, who saw Cem and Zeynep on the same bed in his nostrils, took it in his pace therapist. In fact, the therapist tells Alihan, “Do not put everyone on the same berry,” explaining that the person she saw in her father’s room was not actually Zeynep, stressing that her worries about Zeynep were wrong.

But all these developments that have taken place on the ground have begun to drive the audience into another anxiety.

Alihan’s life as a child causes Zeynep to see it as a potential danger. And this is getting more and more common. At this point, the registrars of the directory began to ask the question “Are we becoming a new psychopath?”

The fact that many lines of normal-going love turn into psychopathic situations cause the anxiety that the mental health of a well-behaved character initially appears to be a corrupt personality, with the same stereotype in the ‘Forbidden Apple’ series!

The audience has already begun to respond to the situation by saying “Do not make Alihan a psychopath!” From social media.

Alihan’s transformation into such a character to give the impetus to the track seems to be a very cliché development for the rapidly rising sequence of the last period, as it can lead to a massive audience loss.

Let’s see if Alihan will continue to treat this trauma or will he really become a psychopath?