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4 July 2022 06:28


What are the values ​​that elevate Turkish TV series?

Can Yaman and Demet Özdemir did a great job in the Early Bird series. Both famous actors gained millions of fans thanks to the romantic comedy series. Early Bird has a great contribution to make a career abroad for both Can and Demet.

Thanks to this series, which was broadcast in many countries, two Turkish actors were talked about a lot. At the same time, Early Bird contributed to the increase in interest in Turkish TV series. So why are Turkish TV series so popular? Recently, Turkish series have been broadcast on television one after another in Italy.

2-3 million Italian viewers also admire these productions. The same is true in Spain. Spanish viewers have also been fans of Turkish series since 2018. What’s Fatmagul’s Crime? series was the production that opened the door in Spain. The TV series “Kadın and Kızım” broke ratings records in the 2020-2021 season. Turkish TV series can compete head-to-head with US TV series on paid Spanish channels. So what are the reasons behind all this?

In the analyzes made abroad, you can find some articles about the audience interest in Turkish TV series. The reasons behind the success of Turkish TV series are listed as follows:

“There are stories where traditional and modern life intertwine.”

“It presents a mix of the West and East worlds.”

“Turkish TV series offer a cultural richness.”

“There is always a love story in every story, and natural love stories are very popular.”

“Loves that seem impossible are presented as a normal fact of life in Turkish TV series.”

“There are no sexy scenes in Turkish dramas, but there is a lot of romance.”

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