What caused Özge Yağız to leave Gökberk Demirci weeks after she said her "he is my soul mate"?
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3 October 2022 10:49


What caused Özge Yağız to leave Gökberk Demirci weeks after she said her “he is my soul mate”?

Özge Yağız and Gökberk Demirci, who took the lead roles in the TV series Yemin (The Promise), turned their friendship that started on the set into love. It was thought that this love was the reason why Özge Yağız, who made a successful debut in Yemin and was admired for her Reyhan character, said goodbye to the series in the second season finale.

The couple’s happy relationship ended with a recent separation. Her close circle hoped that Özge Yağız wanted the separation, but that the actress was confused and could reconcile with Gökberk Demirci.

In the past days, the news that the couple got together again came to the agenda of the magazine. However, there is also information that the developments are not exactly like this.

The fans of the duo like each other very much and want them to be together again. Those who were told that they were going to get married for a while, and even those who were waiting for marriage this summer, were shocked by the separation.

It turned out that the news that was reflected on the agenda that they gave a new chance to their relationship was also not true. Information continues to come that the two are not reunited but are still separated.

Özge Yağız expressed how strong her ties with her lover are in an interview she gave to a magazine a few months ago. The actress spoke as follows:

“Sometimes we question how we can enjoy doing everything together like this, but really everything… We eat a lot and watch a lot together. We are a funny and inseparable duo. Even as I am changing the soil of the plants, he makes me sit in the chair next to him with my coffee and asks me to watch and accompany him.”

Özge Yağız, who also spoke about marriage in the same interview, stated that they left this to the natural as in everything else in their relationships.

Özge Yağız, who also used the expression “As long as you believe in your soul mate, we did it”, decided to leave weeks after these words. Her fans are also wondering why the famous actress broke up with the soul mate point in her words.

Fans of the duo are showing their wish for them to reunite with their social media posts. However, there is no information about what happened between the couple and why Özge Yağız decided to leave Gökberk Demirci, whom she described as her “soul mate” weeks ago.

All fans are also very curious about the reasons that led the couple to break up.

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