What does he dislike about the Sıcak Kafa series, which Netflix canceled for the second season?
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29 March 2023 12:51


What does he dislike about the Sıcak Kafa series, which Netflix canceled for the second season?

There will be no second season of the Sıcak Kafa (Hot Head) series broadcast on Netflix and attracting great attention. Those who followed the series with excitement began to eagerly await the second season. However, in the news from Netflix, it was stated that the second season was canceled. Thus, those who followed this series with excitement experienced great disappointment.

The fact that Şevket Çoruh, who plays the character of Anton in the series, said goodbye to the Sıcak Kafa series by sharing, almost disappointed those who did not believe in the cancellation news.

It is clear from his words that a similar disappointment was experienced in Şevket Çoruh. The famous actor is uncomfortable leaving his beloved Anton character like this.

Şevket Çoruh said, “It was a very awkward separation. Had I known, I would not have formed such a close friendship. Our friendship was short lived. Take care Anton,” he announced that the new season of the series will not be filmed.

As it became clear that there would be no second season, those who liked the Sıcak Kafa series began to wonder why such a project was not continued.

There are also works that have been criticized a lot from the Turkish productions that Netflix has released so far, but whose second or even third seasons have been shot. In such an environment, it left him wondering why the second season approval of the Sıcak Kafa series was canceled.

Many viewers made comments stating that they could not understand the reason for this decision with their posts on twitter. The viewers, who think that Netflix made a mistake, evaluate Sıcak Kafa as one of the few successful Turkish series.

There is a large audience that thinks the Sıcak Kafa series should continue with its characters, shootings, locations, effects and acting performances.

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