What gems! Murat Ünalmış signed one of the most interesting snowmen of the year!
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4 February 2023 09:10


What gems! Murat Ünalmış signed one of the most interesting snowmen of the year!

The fashion of making snowmen from the winter months causes fun photos all over the world. With the spread of social media every year, snowmen made from different countries and different cities of Turkey with snow scenes draw attention.

There are so many different snowmen being made that they sometimes surprise those who see them, and sometimes make them laugh… While some of them look like works of art, fun accessories and shapes add a different atmosphere to the snowman concept.

Instead of the well-known carrot-nosed, charcoal-eyed snowmen, everyone applies their own idea and completely different snowmen emerge. This year, the situation has not changed. Interesting snowmen decorated the posts on social media.

Another share came from the famous actor Murat Ünalmış. As it is known, Ünalmış last acted in ATV’s popular period series Bir Zamanlar in Çukurova. The actor, who gave life to the character of Demir Yaman, was also appreciated with his successful performance and said goodbye to the series at the end of the third season.

Nowadays, he will act Devrimci Deniz Gezmiş, who was executed in 1972 in a movie. Murat Ünalmış is not on the screen at the moment, but he continues to share on social media.

After the heavy snowfall in Istanbul, the actor threw himself outside and enjoyed the weather. Ünalmış started to make snowmen like everyone else, but then he couldn’t help himself and turned the event into a matter of art! The famous actor’s snowman has finally become a snow sculpture!

The statue of the actor, who said, “I wanted to make a snowman, then I was not satisfied, art got involved”, also reveals how talented he is.

Asking his followers, “Should I be a sculptor?”, the actor also gave a name to his work, which he created as a result of long efforts. In his note, Murat Ünalmış states that he named the statue Wilson, inspired by the movie Cast Away. Thus, Murat Ünalmış made a good contribution to the snowman landscapes of the year with his sculpture that reveals his artistic perspective.

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