Series News ‘What is Fatmagül’s Crime?’ series is very popular in Spain

‘What is Fatmagül’s Crime?’ series is very popular in Spain


The success of the ‘What is Fatmagül’s Crime?’ series abroad draws attention.

BerenSaat and EnginAkyürek are the directors of the series.

The series continues to add to its success in Spain.

Atresmedia tv, Fatmagül reached the highest rating of the last 4 years

On January 8th, there was little time left for the finalist of the series starting from Nova to Atresmedia.

Having received satisfying ratings for its channel until now, the series, which is getting even more popular day by day, enabled Atresmedia to reach the highest audience rating of the last four years.

‘What is Fatmagül’s Crime?’ the series is both the most popular series of Nova’s history and the most successful series of thematic channels in Spain.

‘What is Fatmagül’s Crime?’ reached the highest share percentage once again on July 12 with 6.2.

The final part of the series is expected to reach a higher share and audience ratio.

The episode, which was broadcast on February 26, broke a record by reaching 926,000 viewers.