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6 July 2022 07:02


What is in the first message from the second season of Kardeşlerim series?

Wrong time and wrong place… Here is the second season of Kardeşlerim series, which will take its place on the screen with a story setup that justifies this statement… Çağla Şimşek, who plays the character of Ayşe, left the team of the series… However, the story will be much stronger with the new names joining the series.

Esila Umut, Eren Ören, Nilsu Yılmaz, Nazlı Can Çetin joined the cast of Kardeşlerim TV series team started shooting. The team, who met at the pre-season reading rehearsals, was very impressed with the story in the new season.

New characters will also mark new conflicts. Especially Kaan character is expected to cause big problems for Asiye and Doruk…

Kardeşlerim, the first information about the new events that will attract the fans of the series to the screen has started to come. In the first trailer released for the second season, Kardeşlerim, you can see that the character of Kadir will be in great trouble.

The character of Kadir, played by Halit Özgür Sarı, will fall into the trap of Akif, played by Celil Nalçakan.

In the footage, Akif says, “You’re in the wrong place at the wrong time, Kadir.”

The heartbreaking images of the brothers, who are longing for their brothers, will be very emotional in the second season. Doruk is expected to learn that the person who shot Erhan was his father. The relationship between Akif and Doruk, who put the blame on Kadir, is also eagerly awaited.

Stating that they are looking forward to the new season, the fans of the series said, “I am already excited. The new season will be very good,” they commented.

On social media, Kardeşlerim shows that the fans of the series are looking forward to the new season with their messages.

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