All Series What kind of a TV series is Aşka Düşman? Story, cast, trailer and all the details!

What kind of a TV series is Aşka Düşman? Story, cast, trailer and all the details!


“Aşka Düşman” (Enemies of Love), produced by Acunmedya, directed by Mesude Erarslan and written by Eylem Canpolat and Ozan Aksungur, meets its audience on Thursday, January 4, on TV8.

The cast of the series, starring Nazan Kesal, Buse Meral and Cem Yiğit Üzümoğlu, also includes the following names:

“Merve Nur Bengi, Esra Ruşan, Ebru Aykaç, Bedia Ener, Barış Aytaç, Bihter Dinçel, Lavinya Ünlüer, Beste Kanar, Pelin Bahsi, Mehmet Çepiç, Jale Yücel, İbrahim Şahin, Mustafa Arhan, Berkan Bulut and Sermet Yeşil.”

Story of the Series: In “Aşka Düşman”, which tells the story of İnci, who was raised by a mother who is hostile to love, and her love with Uygar, will İnci and Uygar be able to experience their love despite Bahriye and Mahur? Or is this a story of impossible love?

Aşka Düşman Episode 1 Subject:

Bahriye Şimşek is an Anatolian woman who raises both her children and her land alone. She believes that men and women are the biggest test in their lives because of what they have experienced. She raises her three daughters, Feraset, Mahur and İnci, as “enemies of love” like herself.

İnci followed her mother’s words until one day her older sister called and said, “Come up, we’re dying.” While helping her sister, İnci meets Cerrah Uygar. While Uygar, who has closed his doors to love, is thinking of having a peaceful marriage with his best friend Mahur, he meets İnci and his plans are turned upside down.

Uygar and İnci, two struggling young people, are increasingly drawn to each other as they try to solve a problem together. İnci’s choices will cause the lives of Uygar, Mahur and Bahriye to change radically.

“Aşka Düşman” is on TV8 with its first episode on Thursday, January 4, at 20.00.