Series News What will be the final of the ‘Wingless Birds’ series?

What will be the final of the ‘Wingless Birds’ series?


The final part of the ‘Wingless Birds’ series will be released on Thursday, May 24th.

With episode 46, series will farewell to the audience.

Leading the series are MelisTüzüngüç, ÜmitİbrahimKantarcılar, AhmetVarlı, DenizBolışık, FatihAl and ServetPandur.

The final section will be as follows:

In ‘Wingless Birds’, all the secrets, nodes are unlocked. You will see the final part in the breath. The victor was alone after he learned the truth and confronted his son.

Emre leaves with a big reaction. Nefise is absent in the middle. The Nefise, unable to withstand the tears she had painted, hurriedly, everybody learned a hidden truth. On top of that, she takes the little girl Aysun and mixes with the loss. Now there is much more work to do with Azime. Unaware of everything, she wants to explain the facts to the children and bring the father-son together. On the other hand, everyone is hopeful when the mystery about the mysterious disappearance of Nefise is revealed. Will Muzaffer be able to succeed in becoming an arm wing for children, bringing the whole family together with a father’s compassion by suppressing the feeling of deception inside him?