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17 May 2022 16:24


When is the finale of the Üç Kuruş series, how many episodes are left?

One of the prominent TV series of this season was Üç Kuruş. The series, signed by Ay Yapım, was presented as a continuation project of İçerde (Inside) and Çukur (The Pit). So great expectations were set. However, the fact that the story is not at a level to meet this great expectation is revealed by the comments on the social media.

In the series in which two important actors such as Ekin Koç and Uraz Kaygılaroğlu took the lead roles, the finale has now started to be talked about. Üç Kuruş, which was created as a one-season project, has managed to be a production that continues in the middle ranks, although it is not as ambitious as Çukur with its above-average ratings. Aslıhan Malbora, Nesrin Cavadzade and Nursel Köse were featured as the female lead in the series, and lastly, Necip Memili with the character of Kılıç participated.

While the excitement of the series increases with the character of Kılıç, the remaining 8 episodes are expected to progress in a different way. The audience is very curious about what will happen in these last episodes, where Necip Memili will be prominent in the story.

The plans are for the series to end on Monday, May 23, with the 28th episode. If there is no change in plan, the Üç Kuruş series will bid farewell to its viewers next month.

Of course, even a corona case on the set may cause these plans to change. However, the series is not expected to be extended and it is considered to be final at the end of May.

You can watch the 21st episode of Üç Kuruş on Monday, April 4th.

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