When Melis Sezen couldn't contain her excitement, she went viral on social media!
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5 October 2022 11:55


When Melis Sezen couldn’t contain her excitement, she went viral on social media!

Young actress Melis Sezen is on the agenda with the TV series “Sadakatsiz”, which is currently broadcast on Kanal D screens. While the actress performed successfully with the character of “Derin” in the series, she almost shines with the series she plays with Cansu Dere and Caner Cindoruk.

She is one of the most talked and admired names of the last period. Although she has acted in other productions before, the TV series Sadakatsiz is a turning point in the career of the young actress!

Naturally, it was a natural result that it received an award at this year’s Pantene Altın Kelebek Awards. She is both a successful actress and an active name in social media, and she manages to become a name that her fans follow with curiosity.

Melis Sezen also receives lots of love and praise from her fans with her beauty. Sezen attended the 47th Pantene Altın Kelebek Award ceremony last week with a white dress with a very assertive decollete.

Melis Sezen managed to attract attention even before she entered the hall from the red carpet. However, the event that caused Sezen to be talked about more that night was the speech she made when she received the award and the words she said without being able to contain her excitement.

Melis Sezen, one of the three actresses who was awarded the “Shining Stars Award”, came to the stage with great excitement. After receiving her award from Demet Özdemir, the actress walked to the microphone and remained smiling for a while, not knowing what to say.

Then she said, ‘I’m holding this because it’s in my hand right now, sorry please and I think I have to get off now. I have to get off now,” she said. Meanwhile, Çağla Şıkel, who presented the night with Cem Davran, intervened and said, “There are crazy things going on tonight.”

Melis Sezen thanked her and left the stage without saying anything else. It seemed that she didn’t even know what the actress was talking about from excitement, she. This situation has fallen into the language of social media.

Many people made humorous references to Melis Sezen’s situation. This short video of Melis Sezen, who suddenly became the most talked about person of the award ceremony, went viral on social media.

Meanwhile, Sezen attended the award ceremony with her brother, Polat Sezen, and shared her Instagram photos with the note ‘My Caballero’.

While some viewers found Melis Sezen’s excitement reasonable, others criticized her dress. Those who mocked Sezen’s speech at the ceremony also made humorous comments.

Probably, this short video of Melis Sezen is a candidate to be remembered for a long time, as it will be on the agenda for many issues!

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