When will ATV's popular series, Kardeşlerim make the season finale? Here is the answer!
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6 October 2022 09:38


When will ATV’s popular series, Kardeşlerim make the season finale? Here is the answer!

ATV’s series, Kardeşlerim (My Brothers), which has been running successfully for two seasons, will make the season finale to take a vacation before the third season. The date of the season finale of the series, which was screened on Saturday evenings, has been determined.

ATV’s popular series, Kardeşlerim, has successfully completed its second season. The throne of the series, which did not lose the first place in the ratings on Saturday evenings in the first season, was shaken by the TRT 1 series Gönül Dağı  in the second season.

The season finale date of the series, which brings together many young actors with experienced names, has been announced. Accordingly, Kardeşlerim will bid farewell to the season with its 56th episode, which will be broadcast on Saturday, June 11th. In this case, there are two parts left.

The series, which will be on the set at the end of August for the third season, has been shaken by the departure of a very important actors in the past days.

Gözde Türker, who portrays one of the most important characters of the series, said goodbye to the team with the 52nd episode aired on Saturday evening. Master actor Yıldız Kültür also joined the cast as a guest actress to appear in four episodes.

Kardeşlerim series is famous for signing the separations that the audience never expected. Halit Özgür Sarı and Damlasu İkizoğlu, who played Kadir and Melisa, the main characters of the series, said goodbye to the series in the middle of the season. Significant departures are expected at the end of this season.

It is expected that Kardeşlerim series will continue on its way with new actors and new stories in the new season.

The attacks of the series, Kardeşlerim, which had a slight decrease in its ratings in the second season, are being wondered at in the third season.

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