When will the second season of Leyla ile Mecnun be aired? Here is the latest situation...
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25 March 2023 13:43


When will the second season of Leyla ile Mecnun be aired? Here is the latest situation…

Leyla ile Mecnun TV series team, who came together again after 10 years, accomplished works that made the fans very happy. The first season of the series, which was shot and broadcast, also made great contributions to the Exxen platform.

The shooting of the second season of the TV series Leyla ile Mecnun, in which important names such as Ali Atay, Serkan Keskin, Cengiz Bozkurt, Ahmet Mümtaz Taylan, took part, was completed last month. It turned out that Exxen is preparing a new years surprise for fans who ask when the new season of the series will air.

On the Exxen platform, which has decided to continue the adventure of Leyla ile Mecnun, the excitement of the second season will begin at the beginning of the new year. It is also stated that preparations are made for the third season and that the team can go on the set in January.

It is also among the information that Leyla ile Mecnun, prepared in 10-episode seasons, are planned to shoot a total of 6 seasons for Exxen.

With the initiatives of Acun Ilıcalı, the team meeting again after 10 years and the work that emerged was very good, which led to the decision to continue the story. The actors of the series are also satisfied with the developments. Viewers are also eagerly awaiting the new seasons.

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