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19 August 2022 13:00


When will the shooting of the second season of Şahmaran begin? The answer came from Burak Deniz!

The TV series called Şahmaran, shot for Netflix, has not been published yet. However, the second season of the series is about to start shooting. The clear information about the highly anticipated Shahmaran series came from Burak Deniz, the leading actor.

The shooting of the TV series Şahmaran, starring Serenay Sarıkaya and Burak Deniz, was completed a long time ago. The series is currently counting the days to meet the audience. It is stated that the series, whose subject is kept as a secret, will be released on Netflix in September.

Meanwhile, negotiations for the second season had started before Şahmaran was even aired. The good news was given by Burak Deniz a short time ago. Burak Deniz said in a statement about a month ago, “Second season will start, it looks like we will start in August. For now, I am taking short vacations and resting at home.”

The exact information about the second season of Şahmaran came from Burak Deniz again. The successful actor stated that they will be on the set for the second season of the series on August 15. He added that the shooting will be completed by the end of October.

It is stated that the second season of the series, the first season of which was shot in Adana, will also be shot in this city. Serenay Sarıkaya and Burak Deniz do not give much details about this particular project. This attitude of the actors, who keep their mouths tight so that the surprise does not escape, also increases the interest in the series.

The story of the series Şahmaran, produced by Tims&B Productions, directed by Umur Turagay and written by Pınar Bulut, has not been disclosed yet. However, according to the information received, it will be a mystical story.

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