Where does the power of Ebru Şahin's Destan series on ATV come from?
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7 December 2022 15:43


Where does the power of Ebru Şahin’s Destan series on ATV come from?

The Destan series, which has just started on ATV screens, has gained millions of fans with its first episode. The fact that the series is a professional production, that it was shot on a very impressive plateau, and that every detail, from accessories, decorations and costumes, was considered in great detail, were the details that immediately attracted attention.

As a female warrior hero, Ebru Şahin takes a leading role in a very special production in the Turkish TV series industry. The series, whose story takes place in the eighth century, is also focused on the goal of exhibiting the traces of Turkish culture in Central Asia. Destan, which attracted attention before it was broadcast in many countries of the world, is now the new series of Tuesday evenings, which is eagerly awaited.

The series, whose ratings were also very good, offered a different excitement to the audience. Where does this success of Destan and the power felt from the first episode come from? Destan, in which Mehmet Bozdağ, the owner of Bozdağ Film, scripted a dream and turned it into a TV series, stands out as a fictional story in a historical reality.

Asking the question of where the power of Destan comes from, Milliyet blogger Anibal Güleroğlu made the following assessment of this code:

“At this point, our primary interpretation will be towards the advantage of ‘Destan’ to write a heroic epic that brings the ‘woman’ figure to the fore, instead of breaking the routine that has prevailed until now and creating parallel content with the ‘hero man’ logic in other historical productions. Because in the fictional world, the number of works with fighting and rescuing action is very few. Therefore, this detail causes us to put ‘Destan’, which puts us in the Amazon realm, in a separate place.

Undoubtedly, the fact that warriors and administrators have an undeniable position among the Central Asian Turks, who value women much more than today, has a great role in this innovation.

And yet, the attraction of the world created by ‘Destan’, which creates its characters by being inspired by the history of the Turks who lived ages ago and makes the ‘Akkız Epic’ its content material, is also different.”

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