Where is Celal in the Maraşlı TV series, where is the last image of Burak Deniz?
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7 December 2022 16:13


Where is Celal in the Maraşlı TV series, where is the last image of Burak Deniz?

For Burak Deniz, it is clear from the image that the Maraşlı TV series has been closed! The actor, who gave life to the character of Celal, took on a completely different image after the final scenes of the series were shot.

Burak Deniz attracted a lot of attention with his mustache in the Maraşlı TV series. The hairstyle was determined uniquely to Celal’s character. However, as soon as the shooting of the series ended, the actor appeared in front of his fans with a new image.

The 26th and final episode of the Maraşlı series will be broadcast on Tuesday, July 13. Burak Deniz has already closed his serial book. The actor, who went to Rome, the capital of Italy, by plane, is preparing for his new series called Cahil Periler .

The actor, who will participate in the shooting of the series prepared by Turkish director Ferzan Özpetek for Disney Plus, released his first pose from Italy. The actor was in a very sporty mood with his hat, jeans and white t-shirt and shoes on.

Fans who saw this style commented, “Who would believe that he is Celal Kün in the Maraşlı TV series”.

This photo may actually be the first image of Burak Deniz’s image in the new series, which also shows how effective he is in creating an image.

Burak Deniz will stay in Rome for 1 month and will appear in 4 episodes of the series. The final shooting of the series “Cahil Periler” will be held in Istanbul.

It is also an important success that the famous actor’s pose, which he published on his Instagram account, received close to 150 thousand likes in a short time like 1 hour. Fans are commenting that they expect new poses from the famous actor.

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