Series News Which scene did you like the most in Kuş Uçuşu? See which scenes are the favorites of the actors?

Which scene did you like the most in Kuş Uçuşu? See which scenes are the favorites of the actors?


Netflix’s new series, Kuş Uçuşu (Bird Flight), released on June 3, caused a big storm. The series, starring İbrahim Çelikkol, Birce Akalay and Miray Daner, was one of the most talked about productions of the last period.

In the TV series Kuş Uçuşu, which was shot last year, the struggle between an experienced journalist named Lale Kıran, who has been presenting a program on a television channel for many years, and the trainee Aslı, who has admired her since childhood and is trying to replace her with an obsessive passion, is told.

In fact, in today’s world, the differences, perspectives and conflicts between the X and Z generation in business life are tried to be revealed.

İbrahim Çelikkol gives life to the character of Kenan, one of the top names of the channel. The series mainly focuses on a silent and deeply ongoing war between two women.

There are also very harsh scenes when a Z generation employee who uses social media struggles with an X generation journalist who is not used to this situation.

Many scenes are appreciated by those who watch the series. Especially the scenes where Miray Daner and Birce Akalay play against each other, sometimes show up and fight to the death, are among the scenes that attract the most attention.

Answering questions about the series on Onedio’s Youtube channel, the two actors asked, “What was your favorite scene?” question was posed.

Birce Akalay replied, “We have a very intimate scene, they drink champagne, there is a very good communication there. I love that scene very much.”

Miray Daner, who said that she loved the scene where Lale and Aslı fight to death with each other, pointed to another scene. Recalling the scene where Aslı learned that she was fired, the actress talked about the day the scene was shot, saying, “I was sitting on the side like that when you came to the set (she grimaces) and I didn’t even greet you.” .

Birce Akalay also referred to the moments when Miray Daner didn’t even greet her while she was preparing for her role before the tense scene, and didn’t speak before the stage, and said, “She had such a concentration… I was so stuck that I was very impressed. It was a beautiful scene,” she said.