While falling Sadakatsiz series, neither Fox TV nor Show TV can turn this situation into an opportunity!
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29 November 2022 21:43


While falling Sadakatsiz series, neither Fox TV nor Show TV can turn this situation into an opportunity!

The last 9 episodes are left in the TV series Sadakatsiz, broadcast on Kanal D. After the statement made by Caner Cindoruk, it is expected that the loss of viewers will continue rapidly in the remaining episodes of the series, which turned out to be the final decision.

Despite its big debut in the first season, Sadakatsiz is now a project that has fallen out of favor with the audience. The rating results of the series, whose 51st episode aired, show that it loses a little more viewers every week. There is no problem at the summit of Wednesdays, when the Kuruluş Osman stands very strong. However, it is another fact that the new series of Fox TV and Show TV cannot benefit from this while Sadakatsiz is falling.

Fox TV, which canceled the Kanunsuz Topraklar series because of its low ratings and damage, had a great shock with Son Nefesime Kadar. This means that if Kanunsuz Topraklar had not been taken off the air, it would have gotten better ratings.

Starring Nurgül Yeşilçay, Emre Kınay and Ertan Saban, Son Nefesime Kadar was a series that was described as lacking in excitement. Even if the story and acting performances are good, the series that lost with its narrative style will not be able to go far with these ratings. We know well from previous series trials that Fox TV will show patience until the fifth episode at the most. The next 3 chapters are very important for Son Nefesime Kadar.

Those who see the ratings of the fourth episode of “Oğlum” on Show TV can also understand that there is a problem with the project. Bringing to the screen the great drama of a family with a very heavy story and the death of a child, Oğlum is a series that brings tears to the audience.

However, the mood of unhappiness created by such heavy stories and harsh scenes is now the biggest handicap in front of such serials. The series has such a slow pace that the story is so emotional that some of the viewers find it difficult to handle it.

The fourth episode of “Oğlum” did not go above the average in any category. However, there were still better results from Son Nefesime Kadar.

The series, which achieved eighth place in all categories, made a good debut with its first 3 episodes and seemed to be able to progress strongly. However, the results of the fourth episode indicate that there is a problem with the story and the viewers are starting to leave the series.

Although the Sadakatsiz series fell behind from the great ratings, neither Fox TV nor Show TV can take advantage of this with their new series.

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