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22 May 2022 22:48


While the Baba series draws attention with its stable course, the big crisis in the story!

The Baba (Father) series, which met with the audience on the Show TV screen on Tuesday evenings, was expressed as a project that would mark the year 2022 when it first appeared. The expectation was always high because Gökhan Horzum, who successfully wrote the Çukur (The pit) series for 4 seasons, wrote the script. However, when the story of the series is not liked that much, the ratings come at average rates.

The stable image of the series, starring Haluk Bilginer and Tolga Sarıtaş, draws attention. Although the viewers who support the series do not increase after the first eight episodes, they do not decrease… Even though the ratings are average in the category of all people, Baba, who is at a good level in the AB and ABC1 categories, continues on his way thanks to this support.

There is also an exciting wait before the ninth new episode of the series. In particular, the issue of how their surroundings will react to the steps the characters Büşra and İlhan take towards love comes to the fore. These two characters, played by Özge Yağız and Hakan Kurtaş, are waiting for difficult moments.

Various information emerged from the 9th new episode of Show TV’s Ay Yapım series ‘Baba’. While the Saruhanlı family learned that Servet pushed İlhan down from the construction, Fazilet’s reaction was harsh, while Fazilet’s reaction was harsh in the face of earthquakes in her family. Kadir doesn’t know what to do. When İlhan proposes to Büşra, Emin’s arrival shocks the audience.

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