While the Kuruluş Osman and Destan series continues, 5 new series decisions have been made by the producer!
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29 September 2022 18:08


While the Kuruluş Osman and Destan series continues, 5 new series decisions have been made by the producer!

Three seasons have been completed in the series Kuruluş Osman (Establishment Osman), which is meeting with the audience on ATV. Preparations for the fourth season continue and new episodes are expected to be released in October. Another ongoing project of Bozdağ Film on television is Destan (Epic)…

It was revealed that Selim Bayraktar left the series, where Ebru Şahin and Edip Tepeli will continue to play the leading role. Although the Destan series had a good start, it was confusing that it faced a serious drop in ratings towards the end of the season.

Bozdağ Film continues its preparations for new projects as well as the continuation of two important series. It was revealed that the second season of the Bozkırın Arslanı Celaleddin series prepared for Uzbekistan will also be shot.

Mehmet Bozdağ will show that he will continue his big productions with the new series called Ateş Kuşları (Birds of Fire). While the crew of the series is expected to go on set and begin filming in August, little is known about the project.

Screenwriters Ayşe Ferda Yılmaz and Sedef Nehir Erdem continue their work for the Ateş Kuşları series, which is also expected to be screened on ATV. It should be reminded that both screenwriters previously wrote the script of the TV series Destan.

Bozdag Film, which prepares historical productions in the Kuruluş Osman and Destan projects, will make a comeback to the present with the TV series called Ateş Kuşları.

Thus, Bozdag Film, which continues 3 important television series, also rolled up its sleeves for a new series for TRT Digital.

The new digital series, which will tell the story of İbn Sina, is expected to have 10 episodes and to be broadcast on TRT Digital. While an agreement has been reached with Hakan Arslan for the directorship, it is eagerly awaited who will take part in the project.

Bozdağ Film is also planning to prepare a series that will tell the story of our Prophet Muhammad, and is also making plans for another TV series about Azerbaijan’s Karabakh victory.

Bozdağ Film, which is going through a busy period with a total of 7 TV series this season, continues on its way with huge budgets for very effective projects.

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