Who is Bihter Dinçel? Height - Age - Series - Family
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25 March 2023 14:07


Who is Bihter Dinçel? Height – Age – Series – Family

Bihter Dinçel was born on March 3, 1982 in Diyarbakır. Turkish TV series, cinema, theater actress and writer.

Name: Bihter Dinçel
Date of Birth: March 3, 1982
Place of Birth: Diyarbakır
Height: 1.72 m.
Weight: 61 kg
Horoscope: Pisces
Eye color brown
Wife: Barış Dinçel
Child: Yağmur Ali Dinçel
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/bihterdincel/

Family: Her real name is Bihter Özdemir Dinçel. She married Savaş Dinçel’s son Barış Dinçel, who is the stage designer of the master theater player. The couple has a son named Yağmur Ali.

Childhood years: She’s been doing whatever she put on her mind since her childhood. “I had a brave side since I was a kid. Whoever was playing an instrument, I would stick to the collar, I wouldn’t get away with my literature teachers in high school. I was a kid who knew what I wanted, I wanted to be an actor, I wanted to be a writer, but I also wanted to study philosophy. I decided this at the age of seventeen. While I was a student, I worked both in the State Theater and in private theaters. ”

Education life: She graduated from Ege University, Department of Philosophy. At the same time, she worked in Izmir State Theater for 5 years.

First step into acting: She started her television adventure with the TV series ‘Lip to Heart’.

With which project did she shine? She drew attention with the character of “Zeynep Hacer Aksoy” in the TV series Avrupa Yakası (European Side).

Personality traits: Stubborn, determined, hard-working, friendly, sympathetic. “I don’t let go until I do something I want, I know very well what I want and I do my best to reach it. I did not study at the conservatory, because my education was something else, philosophy was taming me, it was taking my ego. The ego never became ambition, as philosophy went as if I want to calm down and do this job in the theater. I wanted to do it with pleasure. ”

Mindset: She is happy to do her favorite profession, she does not care much about the fame side of her job. “In every profession that is made, people have both choices and things they want to do. The privilege of us or a painter or a musician is that we do the work we love. I would very much like everyone to do what they love, but there is no equivalent in life. Many people have economic difficulties. Apart from that, people have approval and pride. While you cannot walk on the road while playing a TV show, there may be someone who will ask you to look ahead after 2 months. We make soap bubbles a profession. The fact that someone knows you is nothing more than being loved. If I live knowing that I am no different from other people, then I need one thing; my family’s applause. I need that love forever because without that love you cannot be complete. Whatever you do, it doesn’t work if the whole world applauds you. While watching Amy Winehouse’s documentary, I cried so much that I wished I was a member of her family. He has such a big problem with his father that he can’t handle it. She is doing many things that were not done in the world at that age she. Although She has an extraordinary voice, she cannot fix things and there are many such examples. It’s not about talking about bleeding wounds, but talking about treating them. ”

What is the starting point when writing a play? The writing journey began at a very early age, in middle school and high school years. She was not just a whim but also regular reading and regular writing exercises. “I decided to study philosophy because I wanted to write. Philosophy was my only choice. All of my choices were conscious. I am one of those who first dreamed of a dream, then made the plan of that dream and then implemented that plan immediately. I also wrote theater plays during my school years and staged those plays with different teams. I wrote for a long time when the school was over and when I first came to Istanbul. While acting and writing were always equally weighted, acting became more intense for a period. I didn’t quit completely, but I have had about four or five years writing light-scale. Then I sat at the table again. When you tell the audience nice things, the audience looks at the reality and sincerity of the work. It is not an actor story, but we get out of there and start a journey. I look at what is in your and my story, what do you carry from your past, where does your and my story overlap, what are the legacies I carry in my bag. I’ve been dealing with antidepressants used by young people around me for a long time. There is a generation that grows up not knowing how to fight or be a warrior. Yes, pain, trouble. There is a fear of death. We all experience these and we live and struggle with them and gain an identity by growing up. I call it a sanctuary, not a drink, but a medicine. ”

The source of happiness: She does not regret anything she went through. “I wish there was nothing I could say I forget. While I am going through something, I may want to forget the pain I was experiencing as soon as possible, but this is a temporary request. The places where those pains evolve us, and the states they transform into shape our spine, I know that. I prefer to wait for it to lighten instead of forgetting it and to be inspired by what I remember.

First feature film: Kemal Uzun / Vay Arkadaş

Her view of love: “While it is normal for a male actor aged 60-70 to have a relationship with a 24-year-old woman in the TV series, if the age of the older man is younger, it must be a new story, forbidden love or the person the whole family does not want. But in real life it has its counterpart. Love has no age and gender. I find it wrong to tie the love equation to the standard. ”

Her view of business life: She aimed to be a writer from her childhood and decided to study philosophy for this. She wrote her first play when she was in first grade. She wrote five more plays throughout the university, staged all of them. “In my second game, I had to go on stage when one of the actors was gone. While I was studying at the school, I also started to work with the players of the State Theater. My stage story started with the master-apprentice relationship. After that, I was at BKM Kitchen in the early days. We had work on writing with Yılmaz Erdoğan. I first worked as a writer then acting. Later, I continued with the two of them, and after a while I quit writing falsely. When the television story started, I just had to act for a long time. I didn’t want to study at the conservatory. I’ve never tried. I would always go to the backstage of theaters and show what I wrote. I would give shots of the plays I staged myself. I wanted to comment on me. Some of them called, some never, there were others who found my phone and called me. The situation of Yılmaz Erdoğan and Demet Akbağ was different. When I was in high school, I was wearing a safety costume and brought a fruit plate like a spy. I did not have to worry about being popular or famous. For those who love their work very much to me; I asked him to say, “Read this, do this, watch these movies.” I worked hard on my homework, and as a result I got a good amount of knowledge. These were before BKM Mutfak. ”

Career plan: For her, theater, cinema, writing and acting all have their own place. “This is all my life. All of them just have different times. It is not possible for me to separate them. There is nothing we can call the next project right now. Because the pandemic process shakes our projects at your fingertips. We can’t plan. We will overcome this process with little damage and then make our plans. I appeared before the audience with a comedy. I have a movie called “Absolute Justice” that will be broadcast at the festival. Here I portrayed a completely different person. It was the first time I took on a different role. Of course I would like to play in drama. ”

What kind of book does she read? She likes to read all kinds of books, but she is most interested in novels and biographies. “I read two or three novels, took a story book together, a novel again, then a review, an essay, then an autobiography. Orhan Pamuk is a writer I admire immensely. He is a great literary figure who I perceive differently at all ages, and when I read it again and again, he opens another window to my world and my pen. İhsan Oktay Anar is my teacher. Besides what he teaches, I am enchanted by every book. They are writers who give life to the roots of my relationship with literature. I try to follow new publications and young writers as much as possible. If I’m reading two new releases, then I’m reading a classic. I used to read two or three books at the same time, I’m trying not to do that anymore. When I read it in turn, I finish the book in my hand more concentrated and quicker in order to have the book that is waiting to be read at my bedside and whet my appetite, and I start the new one with great enthusiasm.


2007 – Lip to Heart / Makbule

2006/2008-Avrupa Yakası (European Side) / Zeynep Hacer Aksoy

2008 – Karamel (Caramel) / Nesrin

2008 Kollama / Feyza

2009- Sıkı Dostlar / Jale

2009- Haneler / Bihter

2009 / 2011- Big Family / Nazan

2013- Ali Ayşe’yi Seviyor (Ali Loves Ayşe) / Gülnihal

2013 / 2014- Gurbette Aşk

2014 -Galip Derviş / Yasemin Çelen (Guest Actor)

2014 – Kertenkele / Hale

2015- Eğlendirme Dairesi

2016/2017 – Wings Of Love / Suzan Giray

2018- Wounded Love

2018- My Dangerous Wife / Hande Boztepe

2019 / 2021- A Miracle / Nurse Selvi


2010- Vay Arkadaş / Narin

2014 – Mutlak Adalet / Bahar

2015 – Geniş Aile: Yapıştır / Nazan

2016 – Bir Şey Değilim/ Serap

2018 -Ailecek Şaşkınız

2018 Scent of Yasemin / Yasemin (Short Film)

2019 -Hareket Sekiz / Ebruli

2019/IV Ouroboros (Short Film)


2018- Manik Atak / Melike

2016- Ortanca

2016- Aşiyan

2015- Eğlendirme Dairesi

2014- Kurusıkı

3G – Geldim Gördüm Güldüm Show


2020- Keşke Unutsam

2019- Toplu Oyunları 1

2013- Gebelere Balon& Hamilelik Hurafeleri


2017- Outstanding Akmen Theater Awards / Best Playwright of the Year / Aşiyan

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