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Who is Biran Damla Yılmaz? Height – Age – Series – Family

Biran Damla Yılmaz was born on June 28, 1997 in Kocaeli. Turkish TV series and movie actress.

Name: Biran Damla Yılmaz
Date of Birth: June 28, 1997
Place of Birth: Kocaeli
Height: 1.61 m.
Weight: 54 kg
Horoscope: Cancer
Eye Color: Green
Mother: Ayşe Birsen Şen Yılmaz
Pets: She has dogs.

Childhood years: She wanted to be an actor since she was a kid. She used to hide in the room and make the scenes she liked in the movies she watched in front of the mirror. “When I was 13-14 years old I felt I had to act now. My peers were also signing up for the agency, I thought ‘why shouldn’t I?’ I didn’t have a goal. Just being there; I wanted to do what I had done myself as a game until then as a profession. The moment I tried to convince my mother for the first time, I realized that I really wanted it. ”

Education life: She is studying at the Conservatory.

First step into acting: She started her television adventure with the character “Esma”, which she played in the Forbidden series in 2014.

With which project did she shine? She drew attention with the character Eylül, which she portrayed in the “Orphan Flowers” series.

Personality traits: She loves solitude. “I am not a person who can share many thoughts. I’m is always in my wishes and decisions. Nobody can make me do something I don’t want. ”

Personal development: Whenever she has the opportunity, she attends acting workshops, reads books and observes a lot.

Mindset: She never wanted the popularity and fame part of acting. “I said enough to do what I want to do. I had no eye for popularity. I never wanted to be the lead role, but there were always projects like that. I always said that I don’t want to take that responsibility immediately. I didn’t feel ready for that responsibility. I wanted to learn slowly. It still is. ”

First movie: Kamil Çetin / Çılgın Dersane 4: Ada

The look at love: “I’m a freak about love, but I also have serious boundaries and walls.”

Perspective on life: Although she sometimes has problems with starting her career at a young age, she is generally satisfied with her life and position. “We are working in a difficult industry. I joined this sector when I was 14 years old. I continued without a break. When I was 18-19, I came home one day and stopped and cried. I didn’t know why I cried. All I think is am I missing this age right now? My peers go to university and travel. I wonder if I was missing them? ” Maybe they want the life I live, too. Human beings are ungrateful always want what they don’t have. You always question yourself at that age. Then I thought to myself and decided I was happy. ”

Her view of business life: She thinks her biggest chance is to start acting early. “I started to mess with every point at a young age. I was on the sets without a break. ‘Orphan Flowers’ has been like a four-year training for me. Both in front of the camera and behind the camera. I learned everything in its environment. This is my chance. I extracted everything I learned as a document. I continue to learn every day. The dam was a new era for me. ”

Career plan: She likes to play drama but wants to be in different types of jobs as well. “First of all, I’m a Cancer woman. Those who know it know, ‘drama queens’. Emotions are at their highest and most intense. You are also taking incredible stress. I don’t know, maybe I feel closer to him since I’ve been playing drama for years. Of course I would like to take part in different types of works, but drama has a different place. I really want to play the bad woman. It would be exciting and different for me to give life to someone with schizophrenia or multiple character disorders. ”

Role model: “Işıl Yücesoy” is the actress with whom she most wants to act. “I want to be successful like her.”

Who does she admire? Tim Burton fan. “I’ll definitely watch whatever he does. I admire the characters that Helena Bonham Carter portrays in the Tim Burton movies! ”

Relationship with nature: She likes to spend time in nature in her spare time. “I take my book and headphones and read a book over a coffee at a beach cafe. I love walking, traveling and seeing.

What does she do at home? She likes to spend time in the kitchen when she is at home. “I was in high school, vocational high school, I love to cook and feed. I studied cooking. ”

Is there a beauty icon that she’s inspired by? Candice Swanepoel is one of her favorite names. “Proof that you can be beautiful without makeup. I like his facial structure, lips and eyes. ”

Does she follow fashion? She prefers a simple, sporty and stylish style. 80 percent of her wardrobe consists of black clothes she. “I feel much more comfortable in black. High waist jeans and leather jackets are my favorites, but there are occasional exceptions. I am a complete shopper, I buy the pieces I like very much even if they are not suitable for my style. In my daily preferences, sneakers are a click ahead, but I can never give up on heels. ”

How is she with social media? She actively uses social media and also has a youtube channel. “I try to be active on youtube as much as I can. Of course I’m not a youtuber or influencer. Therefore, I just share what people wonder about my life with them. Lifestyle so. I don’t like to find good content and share certain parts of my life with my followers by myself or my team with Creafilm in my time remaining from the busy set pace. ”

Hobby: Painting. “I try to spend time painting on my repo days. Painting is like meditation for me. I love Picasso. ”

The TV series she followed? ‘Dynasty’ favorite drama is piling up its episodes to watch. “Spinning Out” is among the series he has followed.

Which movie was she affected by? She would have liked to portray the role of Angelina Jolie in ‘Mr & Mrs Smith’.

The bedside book? Stefan Zweig / Those Who Fight Themselves.

What is her favorite physical feature? She loves her teeth.


2014- Magnificent Century / Concubine

2014- Forbidden / Esma

2015- Beyaz Yalan (White Lie) / Nesrin

2015 / 2018- Orphan Flowers / Eylül

2019- Canevim / Ceylan

2020- Nehir / Nehir


2015- Çılgın Dersane 4: Ada / Deniz

2019- Mucize 2: Aşk / Mizgin

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