Who is Büşra Pekin? Height - Age - Series - Family
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Who is Büşra Pekin? Height – Age – Series – Family

Büşra Pekin was born on June 30, 1982 in Saudi Arabia. Turkish TV series, cinema and theater actress.

Name: Büşra Pekin
Date of Birth: June 30, 1982
Place of Birth: Saudi Arabia
Length: 1.58 m.
Weight: 59 kg
Horoscope: Cancer
Eye color Hazel
Mother: Emine Pekin
Siblings: She has an older sister.
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/busrapekin/
Pets: She has a cat.

Family: Originally from Izmir. She was born in Saudi Arabia, where she went because of her father’s job, who is an electrical engineer. Her mother is from Ankara. Her childhood passed between her birthplace, Saudi Arabia and Izmir. They settled in Izmir at the age of 5. “My father did his military service in Ankara. He wanted to rent a house for the holidays. Coincidentally, he found my mother’s house in Ankara. But my grandmothers said, “We don’t give a home to single people.” It was then that he saw my mother. Good revenge. He could not rent the house but took the girl. They lived in Ankara for a while and my sister was born at that time. Then they went to Arabia for my father’s business. I was born there too. I lived in Arabia until I was five years old. I still have good memories of it in my eyes. ”

Educational life: She graduated from Dokuz Eylül University, Faculty of Fine Arts, Department of Theater.

The turning point of her life: Joining BKM Kitchen not only gained recognition, but also improved her scriptwriting skills while changing the course of her acting. “Yılmaz Erdoğan supported me and my friends very much in writing, made us self-confident and encouraged. For example, when I play in a TV series, when I read the script, I can look at the character from a different perspective and come up with other ideas. Most importantly, BKM has contributed to the development of my comedy side, while I never thought I would do comedy until now.

Why Comedy? When bhe was studying acting on September 9, she usually played classics and drama. She thought she would move from there. Then he came to Istanbul and participated in workshops at BKM. “I started playing comedy at BKM. Otherwise there was no funny girl in my past. I wouldn’t dialect. I didn’t even call myself ‘Gı’. All the reactions I got on stage surprised me. I already loved to have fun. I would also make fun of myself and my image. ”

First step into acting: She started her television adventure with the series ‘Bir Demet Tiyatro’.

With which project did she shine? She drew attention with the character of “Mother with Carrot” in the “Very Beautiful Movements” series.

Personality traits: Funny, funny, hardworking, sympathetic, natural, determined.

Personal development: She studied in the last year of high school in America. Since her high school years, she has been traveling to the USA frequently to study. “I go to improve myself and get training from time to time. Not every time this is for training. It is a place where I go to learn and see something, and spend time whenever I find the opportunity. For example, I was the director and producer of the music video for ‘Nokta’. We shot there. I’m doing something then I’m coming here. I got a good education the last time I went. We worked with a very good comedy team there. It’s on acting right now but I love learning. It has always been like this since my childhood. I realized that this will always go like this. It makes me happy to see something relevant to every field I am interested in. So even if I am not training that minute, I will be fed and come back. ”

Mindset: She doesn’t want to look like someone she isn’t, always favors naturalness. “I think people dealing with art are good people. Of course, what happens in life can change you. But even though I get bad electricity from the other person, I try to make him / her positive. Frankly, I like people’s friendly and warm approach to me on the street. Because instead of approaching me as Mrs. Büşra, they ask “How are you, my daughter Büşra?” Or they call out “Büşra sister”. Now they see me as a family member. And talking to people I don’t know is good for me. I feel better. ”

The source of happiness: She is happy to be shown as the “Demet Akbağ of the future”. “He is our master. I am both happy and ashamed of this analogy. It is too early for me to say such a thing. ”

First motion picture: Ahmet Yılmaz- Kamil Aydın / Kutsal Damacana

Perspective on business life: It does not distinguish the types from each other. She thinks, “The actor should be able to play every role.” “Player; Comedy, drama and musical should be able to play, of course, I was open to all genres, but I wouldn’t have thought that I would concentrate on comedy. At BKM, we understood which genre I would focus on. Thank you Yılmaz Erdoğan and our team. I’m happy to play comedy. ”

Career plan: In addition to acting, she wants to transfer the things she likes and interests to other projects. “I don’t plan anything like that, actually, I learn, I buy. Whenever there is a project that comes across and excites me, I get into it. So it doesn’t matter what position I work in. I can enjoy many aspects of what we do. ”

Future Dream: She is thinking of writing a story and turning it into a movie in the future. “Everything is ready, you just have to find the opportunity for it.”


2016- Family
2015- Take a look here (Buyur Bir de Burdan Bak)
2015- He Called Me Father (Bana Baba Dedi)
2014 – Sibling Share (Kardeş Payı) / Guest Artist
2012/2013 – İşler Güçler / Ecevit
2012 – While My Mother Is Sleeping (Annem Uyurken) / Defne
2012 – Magnificent Century / Şirin Hatun
2011 – Aşağı Yukarı Yemişliler / Menekşe
2010 – Big Family (Geniş Aile) / Behice
2008/2010 – Very Beautiful Movements / Büşra
2008 – Class (Sınıf) / Angel
2006 – Storm / Melahat
2004 – Life Science (Hayat Bilgisi) / Student
2002 – Fathers Hear Latest (En Son Babalar Duyar) / Esma
1995- Bir Demet Tiyatro / Songül


2020- Bayi Toplantısı / Övgü

2019- Fırıncının Karısı / Ferdane

2017- Kolonya Cumhuriyeti / Mualla- Ajan Smith

2017- Tatlım Tatlım/ Tatlım

2016- Benim Adım Feridun / Hayal

2014 – İtirazım Var /Nebahat Kuzu

2015 – Mucize / Gule

2014 – Hadi İnşallah /Pucca

2013 – Mutlu Aile Defteri / İsmet Taşyumruk

2010- Gişe Memuru /Nevra

2010 – Çok Filim Hareketler Bunlar /Hatice

2009 – Neşeli Hayat /Ayla Şenyurt

2007 – Kutsal Damacana /Selen


2015- Buyur Bi’De Burdan Bak

2013 – Huysuz Müzikali

Ağır Roman
III. Richard
Cadı Kazanı
Selvi Boylum Al Yazmalım


2014 -Kim O / Hatice (Mother with carrot)

2015 -Komedi Türkiye / Herself

2016-Buyur Bi’de Burdan Bak/ Herself


2010 – 15th Sadri Alışık Awards / Best Supporting Actress / Neşeli Hayat
2010 – 42nd SİYAD Turkish Cinema Awards / Best Supporting Actress / Neşeli Hayat

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