Who is Deniz Bolışık? Height - Age - Series - Family
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30 September 2022 09:38


Who is Deniz Bolışık? Height – Age – Series – Family

Deniz Bolışık was born on July 31, 1982 in Ankara. Turkish TV series, cinema and theater actress.

Name: Deniz Bolışık
Date of Birth: July 31, 1982
Place of Birth: Ankara
Height: 1.67 m.
Weight: 50 kilos
Horoscope: Leo
Eye Color: Green
Siblings: One child
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/denizeballisik/

Childhood years: She had a passion for cinema as long as he knew herself. “An important part of my primary and secondary school years was spent with my interest in cinema. I met theater in my high school years. I swallowed the stage dust in my high school years. I wouldn’t go home from school much, it wouldn’t be a lie if I said that I had a student life at school, including the weekend. Moreover, happily; because we used to do theater for the first time in those years. I took the first step of acquiring a profession in this job by getting his education. ”

Education life: After finishing the preparatory class of Dokuz Eylül University Faculty of Economics, she left her education and entered Hacettepe University State Conservatory Theater Department and graduated from there.

First step into acting: She started her television adventure with the character “Zülfiye”, which he played in the Kırık Kanatlar series in 2006.

With which project did she shine? She drew attention with his character “Nefise” in the Broken Wings series.

Personality traits: Although she says that she looks like a person with certain patterns, she states that it is not difficult to discover and observe her different states as you get to know her. “While still life looks like a painting, I can say that I am a person who becomes surreal as he gets closer, turns pop and even caricatures, that is, he takes different shapes according to the place he looks at and looks at. “

Social: She likes to socialize with her friends in her off-work time. “I love spending time with my friends. In order not to miss the movies and games I was curious about, I find myself running around constantly. I do yoga, I ride horses, I try to spend my leisure time fully and qualified, even if limited. ”

Mindset: Family, love, friendship, she lives very deeply in all kinds of relationships. “I cannot ignore people and relationships, and every road I pass with people with whom I share things in life leaves a little trace on me.”

First feature film: Cahit Çeçen / Tamirci Çırağı

Look at love: ‘Love, the feeling of feeling myself on an endless holiday. It excites me to feel that I can enjoy life together, change together and move forward together. Sometimes escapes can give good results in order to understand what is wanted in the relationship and to feel the value given. But it is also very important to want to chase as much. The ups and downs of love nurture continuity. But the most important thing is love. As love travels for your life, it both makes you live and overcome all of them. That is, you deepen beauties with love and overcome difficulties with love. Love brings sacrifice and sacrifice. If you experience hurt, it allows you to resist. Therefore, the key to repairing is also through love. I think I am a harmonious person in a relationship because sharing the pleasures of the person I love makes me happy to accompany him and it is very easy to achieve harmony with the right communication. ”

Her view of life: “I do my best for happiness and when I make an intention, I feel like I’m walking a beautiful path step by step.”

How is she with social media? More active on Instagram. “The concept of social media has gone haywire, we almost have a limb now. A section on this subject will soon be opened in hospitals. I cannot keep up with all of them on my own behalf, I use the most popular instagram frequently.

Concerns: Concerned about the violence against women and the future of the children. “I am very worried, very unhappy and very scared for the women and children of my country. I’m trying to blow the clouds of despair. Regardless of her age, position and position, no woman should cover her own existence and worth, please, do not ignore it. Then we will not have dropped our value from our own hands. The happiness I expect from life; May all women be happy. ”

Male attractiveness criterion: She finds attractive men who are intelligent and love to live. “When I meet someone, I am affected by the mood, not the physical. I am more interested in doing what he does well and his way of looking at life than his eyebrow or eye. Intelligent and life-loving men impress me. ”


2019 – Nöbet / Ayşe Kalender

2017/2018 -Broken Wings/ Nefise

2017 – Silent Storm / Zehra Turaboğlu

2013/2015 – Cost Of Love / Sedef Haznedar

2012- Kurt Kanunu

2011 – Canan / Bedia

2007 – Nazlı Yarim

2007 – Eşref Saati / Şükriye

2007 – Ayrılık/ Meryem

2006 – Hisarbuselik / Gönül

2006 – Kırık Kanatlar / Zülfiye


2020- Gaza Gelen Adam/ Canan

2020- Hayalet:3 Yaşam / Filiz

2013- Göl Zamanı/ Şermin

2012- Tek Ölüm Yetmez/ Cem’in Sevgilisi (Short Film)

2009 – Tamirci Çırağı / Rich Girl

2009- Kelebek / Zeynep


2020- Harem Kabare

2012 – Ay Ecesi/ Mehmene Banu

2001 – Midas’In Kulakları

2001 – Erdem Oyunu Üçlemesi

1999 – Kızımla Evlenir Misiniz?

1998 – Zoraki Hekim

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