Who is Deniz Tansel Öngel? Height - Age - Series - Family
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5 December 2022 07:35


Who is Deniz Tansel Öngel? Height – Age – Series – Family

Deniz Tansel Öngel was born on September 24, 1976 in Gaziantep Kilis. Turkish TV series, cinema, theater actor and playwright.

Name: Deniz Tansel Öngel
Date of Birth: September 24, 1976
Place of Birth: Gaziantep / Kilis
Height: 1.78 m.
Weight: 73 kg
Zodiac Sign: Libra
Eye color brown
Hair color is black
Siblings: Has an older sister
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/deniztanselongel/
Pets: His dog Ares.

Family: He was born in Gaziantep Kilis, where his mother and father, who are teachers, work. His parents later settled in Ankara and spent his childhood in Ankara. He has an older sister who is a teacher. His real name was Deniz Ulaş, but in his 80s, his father changed his name to Tansel so that he would not have trouble because of his name. Then he changed his name again to Deniz Ulaş Tansel by court decision. “People are surprised to hear the story of my name, they don’t want to believe it without evidence. They think I’m throwing it out of the head or something. But it’s true. My mother and father are two young village teachers in a village in Siirt. My father falls madly in love with my mother. My mother is not empty of course. The 1968s are already like a fairy tale. By the way, my mother has other suitors too. Neither doctors nor engineers wanted. Oh, and the district governor. But my mother is also in love with my father. Letters, poems, shared ideals and the result: My sister and me! I think the finale is fine too. My grandmother always told me that they came from Thessaloniki, and my grandmother from Egypt to Damascus and from there to Siirt. There are things that my grandfather also came from Beirut. But in our family, it matters not where you come from, but whether you are a good person. The most important thing I learned from my parents is; sharing, asking questions without fear and sacrifice. I lost my father in 2015, I miss him so much. ”

Childhood: He was a kid who loved to play, he had imaginary heroes and cute childish lies. Every week, sometimes every day, sometimes within the same day, he chose a new profession for himself to play. “Pilot, fireman, cook, judge, veterinarian, operator doctor, scavenger, scientist etc. the list goes on and on. Did I become a cook, I was cooking delicious meals (as you can imagine, a delicious meal on a plate from the kitchen on julienne chopped paper, carefully chopped beans from game mud, a mixed sauté from other broken plastic toys, a delicious meal decorated with herbs from the aquarium) I was going to poor neighborhoods and distributing food in the back of the truck. Am I a fireman? Bravely rescued both the beautiful girl and the dog who were trapped in the fire at home, found the cause that caused the fire, hop immediately became a detective, after long investigations, I arrested the gang head of the suburb (older than me) who sabotaged, I became a police, immediately judged and hop judged. hopefully, I would turn into a guard and tell him in a fatherly manner that life and especially that he should not mess with our neighborhood. When the games were like this, the curiosity of theater turned into a dream that forced me from the end of middle school. I took the stage for the first time in my high school years and realized that doing another profession would be meaningless for me.

Education life:: He graduated from Hacettepe University Ankara State Conservatory. In 2000, he started to work in Trabzon State Theaters General Directorate. He is still working as an artist at the Istanbul State Theater.

The first step to acting: He started his television adventure with the character of ‘Volkan’ in the ‘Uy Başuma Gelenler’ series.

With which project did he shine? He drew attention with the character “Cihangir”, which he portrayed in the “Big Family” series.

Personality traits: Warm, friendly, honest, active, energetic. “I guess I am hyperactive, not quite sure. I cannot stay in one place for a long time, I cannot even stay very long in my place. I’m outgoing, I get cheered up when I share. ”

Personal development: He still takes acting classes in order to get better in his profession. “I am a person who cannot get enough of taking lessons. I am taking acting lessons from Craft Theater. Çağ Çalışkur is a great teacher. I thought I had to renew myself and became a student again. ”

Social: He likes to spend time with his loved ones and his dog in his spare time. “I do not go to Istinye Park and eat like that. No magazine store will report on me. Because I don’t have such a situation anyway. I go to the mountain, camp. I go to the island and swim. I have a dog, I walk around with my dog. I don’t have a life of fame. I get on the ferry. I use the metrobus, I watch people crushing each other there. There are two types in this area in Turkey. Famous and actresses. I prefer to be an actress and become famous if I become famous, rather than become an actress. I know I will not be. I go to the market and it makes me very rich. ”

Mindset: He thinks arrogance is a very dangerous thing. “Unfortunately, we have to lie in such a life. I always ask for forgiveness when I lie. If you realize that arrogance is arrogance, you can fight it. But how much will this cost? You will not be very visible, not everyone knows you, your price will be a little low, but when you put your head on the pillow, you sleep comfortably. I have only one motto: I am raw, I am cooking and I hope I will be before I die. This is my prayer, but this is another story. ”

A source of happiness: His dog Ares, with whom he has been together for many years, is one of the greatest sources of happiness. “Ares has been with me for a long time. German black shepherd. He teaches me a lot. He’s learning a lot at the same time. Everyone is good with his friend. I don’t mean an animal, I’ve seen a lot of bipedal animals. I want it to have four legs, but let’s not call it an animal. Ares never loses his motivation and excitement to play.

First motion picture: Aydın Bulut- Barış Pirhasan- Ezel Akay- Grup Yorum- Hüseyin Karabey- Mehmet İlker Altınay- Reis Çelik- Sırrı Süreyya Önder Vedat Özdemir / F Type Film

The look at love: “Is there a definition of love? Since he is not defined, there is an accumulation that will not be enough for lifetimes to research and know even in a single field, from literature to cinema, theater, dance, opera, and pop music. Love has no definition, only the closest recipes. It is a flow that cannot be expressed in words. It is divine and appears to you in human form so that you can discover that divine. It’s everywhere, wherever you look. This feeling of love is not learned but known. One cannot learn to fall in love, only get used to ignoring love. If I don’t hold back, I can tell for hours. so let me say the moments that understand and cut it. ”

His view of life: The most valuable thing that gives him strength in his life; Love. “What makes me feel strong is love first. Love, which I see everywhere I look, feel that I am in it every moment, and witness its miracles, is the greatest power. My sense of freedom is my family to which I belong and choose this. My courage to seek the truth, my state of being without judgment, being far away, being unexpected, my way of developing divine hope as an organ of my soul. My path is my strength. ”

His view of business life: He doesn’t think he can do anything other than acting, he finds something from himself in every role he plays. “Acting is after all a profession, but also a form of ‘being’ that you need to be ready for at all times. In acting, you don’t prepare for a role with an overtime between 09.00-17.00. How he lives, what is his story, what are his habits, where he stands in everyday life, what he thinks, his intelligence, his competencies, his likes and dislikes. It takes more than professional descriptions to create all of these. Acting is more than a profession. That’s why I chose acting as a profession. The training of this job has contributed a lot to me. Once we had a very free social life when we were at the conservatory. We learned and tried things about performing arts that cannot be done easily. We have gained a great deal of knowledge in the whole theater literature, from classical music to ballet, from modern dance. We learned to experience discipline and the pleasure of playing games together. Five million more plus! There are all emotions in human beings. We trim and control some emotions, polish and polish some, and thus create the visible us. I find something of myself in every role I play, and it’s like a game. Which of our features are close to each other, which are distant, where do we compromise on which issues, where we differ. But what I think of in the first place when trying to get this role out. After a while, I want to be and flow in that role with similar or unlike aspects to me. That’s why I think the resemblance to the role either loses its validity after a while, or it should lose. If there is, I am not a theater actor, any place where I feel I can be creative is my acceptance. Set, stage, movie screen, script team, play writing, music group etc. Their difference is just technical. Other than that, they are all very exciting playgrounds for me. The important thing is to be in a good story, then it is very enjoyable to play! ”

Career plan: As long as he lives, cinema wants to exist in theater and television. “All of them are very enjoyable. The writer, the story, the role, the director you work for and your colleagues are very important. I love being on TV, on the screen, on the stage. I’m trying to satisfy my hunger to play games with someone else if not. One is no more or less precious than the other. I do not want to play even the most magnificent roles in stories that affirm, exonerate those who persecute humanity, glorify cruelty, and distort the truth, I guess I cannot. Other than that, I never had a role that I said would never play. ”

Future Dream: He does not plan, he tries to stay in the moment and give the moment’s due. “My goal is to stay in the moment, to be simplified and to be in my simplest form. If you believe in fate, you can’t plan. They call it a career plan, this is the funniest word I’ve heard in my life. There is only one career in the world, you are human. You’re going to be a beauty, it’s a career. ”

His biggest passion: Music is one of his biggest passions. He plays baglama, side flute, melodica, guitar, clarinet and ney. “My father would steal the tie, he was at home. I learned a little by looking at him, caring for him, and torturing the ears of the household. I also play the side flute, I learned it myself, I think by watching the players. I have not picked up the oud for many years, but I play it, the melodica is a wonderful instrument. I’m also advancing the guitar. The clarinet entered my life with the series “The Innocents” and I will continue. Ney is brewing right now. ”

Hobbies: He has been boxing for 9 years, and also a former swimmer, using swords. “I was going to play boxer in a game, I started taking lessons. Then it came to getting a license. The game played for two seasons. I haven’t been without boxing for nine years! It’s a bit sparse now, but keep on shit. I was a former swimmer, I was a monopalet swimmer in Trabzon Swimming Specialization. Monopalet is my style, I miss swimming with monopalets. I can use almost all swords and historical weapons. Fencing was our assistant profession lesson in the conservatory, and I was good at fencing. Over time, I met other guns and loved it. Special curiosity is here. ”

The criterion of attractiveness in women: He finds strong women attractive. “Just like every strong person, a strong woman who acts with the principles not of ambition, not of ambition, of envy, not of jealousy, of success, but of doing, is attractive. I know a lot of them, but I’m with one of them. It is very nice to feel and live this at every moment. Because knowing your potential and directing yourself to the better is something to be congratulated under the conditions of the day. Therefore, the woman who lives her power without being on the “dark side”, so to speak, is the most ideal. ”

Relationship with nature: Whenever he finds time from work, he escapes to nature, loves camping. “Nature is everything to me! This passion started in my high school years, more precisely, the desire to escape from modern life into nature. Since those years, it has not changed at all. The adventure that started with the tent continues with the caravan. Since I realize that I can establish a deeper relationship with me and the universe while I am in nature, away from the rhythm of modern life, I am indispensable to ‘camping’. When I just started camping, we camped clumsily when I was 15-16 years old, in a valley near the stream bed. There is a plain in the middle of the valley, it is easier to set up a tent there, of course, that’s why we are there. The price was getting heavy, almost! A few wild boars that we know only from documentaries and photos visited our camp quite quickly! In three or five seconds, on the top of the pine tree I had climbed, I realized that those pigs weren’t really going to visit! There were hunters behind them and they were running from them. They were also trying to save their lives. It is one of the most feared moments in my life! It is also one of my moments when I was surprised at the speed at which I climbed the tree. ”

What does he do at home? He has a very good relationship with the kitchen. He likes to cook and feed his loved ones. “I am someone who makes my own food and shares it with their loved ones. The table is very important, to share, to agree, to cheer up. In order for me to do something again, it must be insistent, and more importantly, the expression on the face of the eater must be full of happiness. If food does not make you happy, it is just to get full It is also very important to be full, but still, tiny touches to it are possible in all conditions. I love to taste the food I make, but more importantly, when someone else enjoys them. So if we are not going to share it with someone, it doesn’t make much sense to cook either. ”

How is it with fashion? He has just started following the fashion. “Fashion is a serious, respectable field for me that I cannot put down much. But according to what trends are determined, how can it be, from the garment factories of most of the world, to the looms under the stairs, that year and a few years, tight-fitting trousers are made feverishly and distributed to all over the world stores and neighborhood markets, this is a strange fact. For many years ‘I wear what I want! “This is fashion!” Thank God I am not closed to change and more importantly to improvement. Thanks to a very enjoyable woman who entered my life, my non-fashion connection started to develop. This is the woman I learned a lot from, Neşe. Anyway, Neşe convinced me that a garment, even though I do not like it from the outside, could be better than the style of clothes I chose, dress me and look at me in the mirror, and scientifically convinced me about the reactions of other people outside to my clothing. So I changed my entire wardrobe with it and we are constantly innovating. ”


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