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Who is Devrim Özkan? Height – Age – Series – Family

Devrim Özkan was born on September 2, 1998 in Muğla. Turkish TV series and movie actress.

Name: Devrim Özkan
Date of Birth: September 2, 1998
Place of Birth: Muğla
Height: 1.68 m.
Weight: 52 kg
Zodiac Sign: Virgo
Eye Color: Green
Siblings: She has an older sister.
Pets: She has a dog and a cat.

Family: She was born as the second child of a middle class family in Muğla. Her mother is a housewife, her father is a retired bucket operator, and her older sister is a banker. She spent her childhood and education life in Milas.

Childhood years: Her childhood passed playing games in the streets. Her older sister and herself have grown up with sports since their childhood. “We were both sons and daughters of my father and mother. A good neighborhood culture, neighborhood relations, sincerity, difficult-good conditions. These are all things that make up my current character. It would be nice to go back even for a minute to the days I was playing stop on the streets. I am a national judoka. My life was completely sports at that time. I used to do theater once in a while in primary school, there was always theater in my life, but I would continue my career from judo. When I really met theater in high school, I never forget the time when I put my seven years of sports life aside and said, “I will be an actress.” So I decided to become an actress and started working for it. ”

Educational life: She continues her education in Muğla Sıtkı Koçman University Bodrum Fine Arts Faculty Performing Arts Department.

The turning point of her life: Her decision to take a break from school and move to Istanbul was the turning point of her life. “I took the exam, I won. Then we met my current manager Nuray (Saygınöz). I wanted to complete my education in the industry and then start. But conditions did not develop like that. I went into numerous test shots in secret from my family. Finally, my first job was ‘Dream’, but my family did not support me leaving school when I was 18 and coming to Istanbul. But I did not give up my dreams and settled in Istanbul alone with a backpack. I cannot be humble about this, I am a little courageous person. I thought I could handle it. When I came to Istanbul, I didn’t have a single friend, I didn’t know anyone. My first couple of months have already passed on the ferries. To get to know Istanbul, I got lost in the streets, met people. But I was alone again. I love being alone anyway. Then I adopted a cat. I can say that I grew up here with him. ”

The first step to acting: She started her television adventure with the character ‘İpek’ in ‘Dream’ series.

With which project did she shine? She attracted attention with the character “Havva”, which she portrayed in the “Wounded Love” series.

Mindset: She played the leading role in her 3rd project. She sees it as luck, but thinks she created her own luck. “I am not a person who believes that luck comes suddenly. Man creates his own luck. I made my luck myself. I did my best in this way, and I am doing it. Of course, appearance and aura are very important in what we do. But there is not one beautiful person after all. There must be other things that make beauty beautiful and deserve to be involved in the project. Fame and money are not permanent things. Of course, there are also what they bring to people. If there is art in the work, there is also permanence. That’s why he should do art, not fame. ”

What kind of person is she on set? It makes her feel pressure on her lead role. “It takes great faith and determination to take such a responsibility when you are very young and at the beginning of the road. Of course I am trying to lighten my burden by doing whatever I can. Because the people I work with have done work almost as much as my age. You shouldn’t be under them. One step of experienced people, my 10 steps. That’s why I try to take this responsibility in the best way possible. ”

The look at love: “People perceive love only as an emotion between two people. I think love is everything. What you want to reach, your mother, your faith, the painting you find peace of mind while looking, your dog, where you want to be, your beloved. But if we look at it as a male-female relationship, I haven’t been in love before. That’s why it’s something I can’t know without living for me. ”

Her view of life: She likes to have fun and to live without thinking. She doesn’t like to make plans. “As someone who started the industry at a very young age, I was a little afraid at first that my character might change. But now I have no such fear! My only fear is to be among people with unwarranted reputation. If I’m good at my job, then fame will come. Because it is mentioned as ‘good’. I want to be remembered for what I do, I don’t care about the rest. Of course, I encountered a lot of difficulties while doing my job. There were times when he forced me so much, made me cry, shut me up. But at times like this, I always remind myself why I started. I ask, “What have I fought for this much?” Because I already know the answer. Sometimes it is even important to live such times to feel life. ”

Her perspective on business life: She likes the way of asking a new question and searching for a new answer the most. “The thought of taking a break from the Devrim and becoming someone else helps me rest. This also keeps me vigorous against life. It nourishes me in every sense and prepares me for every step of life. I love to receive good and bad reviews. This shows me things that I cannot see. I guess I have to get used to the speed in front of the camera, since I grew up with the theater. Because you work, work, work and play in the theater, it’s over. There is nothing stopping you on the stage. But the camera is not like that. Everything should be more minimally faster. When you say 3-2-1, you should be able to throw your own character aside. I get used to it, because I am on the set every day, I always train. Another issue is, yes, there is a certain order in the script, but we definitely do not shoot at that time. It all gets mixed up. Let’s pause Scene 102, then scene 3, then scene 72. So what happened before, what happened after. Emotion continuity is very important. ”

Career plan: She aims to try to be permanent in her career without being complacent. “My point is, you may not be able to please yourself but I would like to receive a congratulation from a master like Çetin Tekindor. And I want to do something around the world, of course. Apart from that, I am saving people, money, education, culture. Whatever comes to mind. Because whatever nourishes our heart, soul and body, the better instrument we have. ”

Role model: Çetin Tekindor, Zerrin Tekindor and Haluk Bilginer are his favorite actors.

How is she with social media? She actively uses social media. “Social media is of great importance today. And if we are doing something out of sight, it is also very nice to communicate through social media. It is a good medium for our private lives for business. I also use it actively. ”


2020- Ramo / Nehir

2019/2020 – Beloved / Feride Çağlar

2017/2018 – Wounded Love / Havva

2017 – Rüya / İpek Giray

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