Who is Dilşad Çelebi? Where is she from – Height – Age – TV Series – Family
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25 March 2023 20:50


Who is Dilşad Çelebi? Where is she from – Height – Age – TV Series – Family

Dilşad Çelebi was born on July 4, 1984 in Kocaeli. Turkish TV series, cinema, theater actress and writer.

Name: Dilshad Celebi
Date of Birth: July 4, 1984
Place of Birth: Kocaeli
Height: 1.73 m.
Weight: 61 kilos
Sign: Cancer
Eye Color: Light Brown
Hair Color: Dark Blonde
Spouse: Samet Evci
Siblings: She has an older sister.
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/dilsadcelebi/

Family: Born and raised in Kocaeli. She has an older sister. In 2016, she married Samet Evci, the soloist of the Frapan Group.

Childhood years: In her adolescence, she started to worry about “What will I be?” Her education life was shaped by the fact that she continued to the department where she won the exams. “As you know, when we are at an age when we are unable to even shape our day, let alone life, we have to take a test to guide our lives. Since I was studying in a science high school saying ‘We won, we have to go that far’, I pushed myself towards a certain path even earlier, or I was pushed. How much of our choices are ours is still not entirely clear to me. As a matter of fact, I had to choose a numerical department so that my score would not drop in the university exam. By chance, when I entered my second choice, frankly, I didn’t have much of an idea, except that computer science was the profession of the future. I went there because I won. I mean, my education life was shaped by saying, “If we won, let’s go”. During my undergraduate education, with the excitement of discovering search and the energy of those ages, I tried all kinds of unrelated pursuits, from writing cartoons to acting in clips and commercials, from working at film festivals to copywriting. I tried to create paths for myself in a jungle, so I am still trying to do that. When I was offered a TV series when I graduated, I strayed from one of those career paths. From time to time I cut leaves and bushes and drew a new path for myself, from time to time I passed through frequently trampled roads. But in the end, they were all ways of playing, reading and writing. Although the thorns sometimes scratch my legs, the flowers smell very good.”

Education: Graduated from Bilgi University Computer Engineering Faculty. She completed her master’s degree in ITU Business Administration Department. She studied acting from Laçin Ceylan.

How she started acting: She started writing cartoons alongside Ali Murat Erkorkmaz during her university years. She was the author of the cartoon called “Tain and Tails”, which was broadcast in 80 episodes on Star TV screens. After acting in commercials for a while in the agency of Gaye Sökmen, she studied acting and started to act in serials. Although she was away from the screens for a while, she evaluated this period by writing.

The first step into acting: The character of ‘Canan’, which she portrayed in the TV series ‘Derdest’, started her television adventure.

Which project did it shine with? In 2011, she attracted attention with the character of “Burcu”, which she portrayed in the TV series “Seni Bana Yazmışlar”.

Personality traits: Investigative, determined, hardworking, positive, curious, challenging. “Even if I know how they raised me and what kind of temperament I have, I will not stop fighting. Sometimes I get lucky, just when I’m about to lose, I gain something at the last moment, even if it’s just around the corner. For example, in the first years of my undergraduate education, I had a hard time looking for it. Still, I didn’t give up and finally finished second. However, in the first years of my graduation from university, I felt a great guilt for not pursuing a profession related to the department I studied, because I felt like I was betrayed by someone because I studied on a scholarship. I guess one of the reasons why I still can’t leave academia is this remorse. But these different disciplines gave me very different perspectives.”

Role model: She sees her older sister and mother as the heroes of her life.

Personal Development: She is constantly striving to learn new things. “There is a phrase I just heard: “People get bored with what they don’t understand”. I realized that everything I do is for this. I’m trying to understand so I don’t get bored. Even if I fail to understand, at least I try to do so. This is how I learned statistics at the age of 35. Moreover, the learning process did not last very short due to the low performance in my brain that comes with age. Yet I continued to push myself. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t understand quantum physics; I seem to understand Kant. I tried to understand those who are not like myself. More than empathy, this is what I’m talking about, really understanding. I am still amazed at this: ‘Something that belongs to me, me, is someone else’s me’. In other words, I tried to understand life in order not to get bored with life, and I do. In this way, I am nourished by topics that are very unrelated to each other. Unfortunately, this spread has the disadvantage of not being able to deepen. I know I can’t be an expert on anything. As much as it hurts me, I’ve accepted it now. But at least that’s how I become a better consumer. Before producing well, I think it starts with consuming a little bit well. I try to follow current exhibitions and acts. Artful Living helps a lot with this. Apart from that, I usually listen to the radio and podcasts while ironing at home or on the go. The podcast pages of Açık Radyo and Açık Bilim are very stimulating. Açık Radyo ve Açık Bilim’in podcast sayfalarını çok ufuk açıcı oluyor. Açık Bilinç, Nöroblog, Botanitopya, Metropolitika, Yarından Hikayeler and Açık Gazete are some of my favorite programs.

Mindset: Thanks to the trainings she received, she learned to think analytically. “Education is more than the department you study, especially at the undergraduate and higher level, it is also a culture. “Non scholae sed vitae discimus”, that is, “We must learn for life, not for school”, chosen by Bilgi University as its slogan, became my understanding of education. I also had the opportunity to get to know the school of very idealistic educators like Chris Stephenson. I can never deny its effects on my life stance. First of all, I learned to think analytically”

Source of happiness: In 2020, she presented her first single, “Bir Düş Bırak”, to music lovers. The lyrics of the song are her own and she is happy to have made another dream come true. Single’s music was composed by her husband Samet Evci. “I can say that I have fulfilled another dream. Corona days, of course, carry great negativities for both our country and the whole world. However, it is necessary to continue to produce these days. I hope ‘Bir Düş Bırak’ will become one of the most streamed songs this summer.”

Her outlook on life: She acts with the awareness that she has only one life to live. “I think there is the unease of having only one life chance to live. I have only one life to live with the consciousness I have. Therefore, I try to find whatever I love and try to fill it into my life as much as I can. Of course, in this process, I had to experience things that I didn’t like, and I need to. But the beauty of life is here too! Indeed, I have tried and found the things that make me happy.”

Her outlook on business life: She graduated from university and immediately started acting. She was worried about not doing the job she studied before. “Because I received a really good education and by not practicing this profession, I felt like I had done justice to someone who would read for me. But then I realized that my college years didn’t just teach me coding and computer monopoly subjects; It gave a perspective on life. Therefore, even if I do not practice my profession, I am sure that I have benefited from the education I received. I have already completed my master’s degree at the technical university, and now I am doing my doctorate. I actually read as a hobby, my aim is not to be an academician. I think it was a news piece by Zaytung: ‘The number of writers in Turkey has exceeded the number of readers!’ I hope we will hear some actress-readers from now on! I’m more of a writer and actor. In fact, ‘literate-acting’ may be what best describes my preoccupation in life.”

Her view of love: Our excitement for marriage never subsides, we seem to be playing house games. An unfinished house for years. I met my wife in 2002. We started our relationship in 2009. We also got married in 2016. Those times are now very short. There are people who meet and get married within a year. I am very surprised at people who get married without knowing each other. I guess marriage is a routine job, maybe getting married without knowing it makes that routine fun, but it’s still not for me.”

Career plan: Although she is known as an actress, she has three books: Şatşat Nerede, Yıldızsız Ülke 2 Kunikul’un Peşinde and Tomris. Tomris dedicates her book to women who are not lucky enough to feel the strength of their family behind them, who have to be strong because they have no other choice, and who are fragile like a girl inside even though they can’t cry. “For being the first known female ruler! We are talking about the 6th century BC. Consider the position of the woman there, and look at her current state. The situation where the murders of women increased not one by one, but by ten, and the woman being forced to stay at home. In the intervening centuries, just as women have been obscured in society, we have even struggled to go out at night! I wanted Tomris to remind readers how strong women really are. The age scale recognized for male actors in the industry is wider. Women are often given the same roles. Especially after a certain age, mother roles come. They always made me play bad women for a while. There is a ready-made one, let’s not risk it, they look at it as if it plays it. I used to be a little sick of playing the bad woman, frankly, I wanted to play different roles. In fact, my mother was upset, saying, “You are actually a very good person, why is this bad woman stuck on you?” Then I got a chance to play other characters. Now I don’t get hung up on things like that anyway.”

Future Dream: She has many dreams about the future, like being a famous writer, being a mother. “There was something I didn’t read more in the past, but I could find more time. I don’t know what happened, it’s like I forgot everything I know. All that I knew began to turn into a cloud, as I got older I began to know nothing. So maybe that’s why I’m trying so many things. I want to be a world famous writer. I want to act in a musical. There are many places in the world that I want to travel to. I wanted a girl so much. After my niece Lydia becomes a boy, I say it’s okay. I understood motherhood better when I became an aunt. When I started writing my first children’s book the year I graduated from university, I was very afraid of children. Then, thanks to that book, I started doing creative writing workshops with children. This is how I got to know them. I noticed that the children are very friendly and very clear. Whatever they say. Now I get along well with children. So I want to be a mother.”

Concerns: She finds the violence perpetrated against children and women in Turkey worrying. “Unfortunately, being a girl in Turkey means ‘to be silent’. It means keeping quiet and overcoming it with your own efforts. Unfortunately, only a few of us learn to make sounds as we grow up. Shall I count the honor killings, the children who were taught to remain silent as they were harassed, or the abuse cases that were covered up, “What was that girl doing there at that hour!” Is it the rhetoric that tries to legitimize the murder? Like every woman I know, I was abused not only verbally but also physically in the first years of my adolescence, on the street, even at school. At that time, you couldn’t put it down, then your mind gets stuck. Even if the next time you have experience and understand what is happening, you only find the solution by running away quickly. Luckily, my family was always with me, I could share everything with them without fear. That’s why I learned to make noise! But how many women are able to sound like that? The vast majority of women in Turkey clenched their teeth and kept silent. I don’t know anyone stronger than those who grit their teeth against bullying. But their power does not create value unfortunately. I hope they stop grinding their teeth and start talking. Then all women become stronger! “


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2013/2014- Bugünün Saraylısı/ Neslihan

2013- İntikam/ Aslı Sağlam

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2010/2011- Gönülçelen/ Bahar- Selin

2008- Derdest/ Buse Yıldırım


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