Who is Emre Kınay? Height - Age - Series - Family
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29 November 2022 10:11


Who is Emre Kınay? Height – Age – Series – Family

Emre Kinay was born on March 5, 1970 in Istanbul. Turkish TV series, cinema and theater actor.

Name: Emre Kınay
Date of Birth: March 5, 1970
Place of Birth: İstanbul
Height: 1.81 m.
Weight: 76 kg
Horoscope: Pisces
Eye color brown
Mother: Remziye Kınay
Father: Feridun Kınay
Child: Duru Kınay
Siblings: He has 4 siblings.
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/emrekinay/

Family: He grew up in a neighborhood in Küçükçekmece. His mother and father were theater professionals. He has 4 siblings. One of his siblings is musician Erdem Kınay. There is a daughter from her marriage to Emine Ün. “The majority of my family still lives in Küçükçekmece. If there was no work, I would like to live there again. We grew up playing on the street. Now my daughter knows the grocer and butcher like me. We don’t like to shop at big markets. ”

Childhood years: As a kid, he didn’t dream of being an actor He wanted to study law. “I had a dream of a lawyer or a prosecutor. As the fifth child of an actor mother and father, my brother and sister did not have such a situation before. I have always been interested in theater and cinema. I wanted to be a cinema director at the beginning, with the influence of my literature and philosophy teacher, theater started to be more dominant in high school. Afterwards, I entered the conservatory, I could not win, I couldn’t win anymore, when I said I would go to the army again, I would go to the military, I won and then life continued like this. ”

Educational life: He graduated from Mimar Sinan University State Conservatory Theater Department in 1995.

First step into acting: He started his television adventure with the Yüzleşme (Confrontation) series.

With which project did he shine? He drew attention with the character of ‘Erkan Ağa’ in the TV series ‘Tale Of Lies’.

Personality characteristics: Determined, makes and applies sudden decisions, stubborn. “It cannot be said that I am very humble. I’m not humble, even my curse. I have sine qua non in matters related to myself. Maybe I look humble from the outside, as I do not carry a fame label or overflow. I do my job like everyone else. I tell fleeting stories on TV, I tell more solid stories in theater. I tell other stories in the cinema. I am like every person. All my basic emotions are the same as the basic emotions of all people. These feelings are my job. I do not want it to be perceived so that it is not stupid. I am very happy to do just this job in my own way. If people come and fill the hall, then I am happy. Just because we’re on the right track. ”

Mindset: He thinks all fame from TV is a liar. “You wouldn’t be a Picasso, with TV fame. You wouldn’t be Rembrand. It has a rating for that week, and nobody will remember you three months after the series is off air. It’s nothing like art. That’s why it’s not art. There is no time resistance parameter. Television is not like cinema. It is not like theater. You stay filming, you write a theater piece, it remains for thousand years. But you do it on TV that week on Monday, Tuesday, because another episode is broadcast on Monday that week, all the actions and movements you do in that episode remain completely in the last week. Total also only know your role name. After a period, they forget your role name. After a while, they forget your name too. Even if the audience does not forget. He will forget what he’s watching, so it will make room for a new one. ”

First motion picture: Ömer Vargı / İnşaat

The look at love: “I fell in love very much. Even enough to lose 11 kilos in a week! But as we get older, it gets harder to fall in love. I would love to fall in love like that again. I hope one day. Actually, I like the chemistry change that leads to that mental illness. I also declare to everyone the next day that I fell in love. I have no secrets. As you get older, you become more cautious. I have a child and my relationship should not affect his life. My love my daughter I try my best to make him a decent person. I am not a man to marry and marry. This is the situation right now. ”

His view of life: “I have no private life. I’m only interested in my daughter. Apart from that, all the scenes and shootings I am 50 years old now and have a retirement age that I have set for myself. I’m waiting for him. When I retire, I want them to come intact from below. But unfortunately, young people do not feel safe from below. Good players are no longer catching up. Young people do not develop themselves, moreover, their egos are very bloated and inflated. They think that they will always earn the money they earn and that they will not be able to walk on the street, but they are wrong. Because life is not like that. Faced with this reality, they become depressed. I cannot be humble. They need to have a sustainable minimum of determination and passion like my generation. ”

What kind of father? He tries to raise his daughter as a child who does not perceive morality as below waist, who is moral in spirit, who understands that stealing a lira is the same as stealing a million. “The country is worse than the day Duru was born. But if you lose hope, you lose life. Duru is not very about art like me. He likes painting, sculpture and music, but has no inclination. He said “Should I be an actor?” But did not take any action. If it is going to be like the current young generation players, I will not get involved.

His view of business life: He sees education as a must for acting. “It’s not an impact on your talent performance. You may be very talented, but two and a half hours for a performance on stage are not enough. Except for three or four people, we do not live in honey and cream in this sector. I am calculating the money I have earned for 20 years. Divided by the moon, it corresponds to a general manager salary. Also, as a player, I do not have a social security. People have a perception that players earn a lot, but the calculation is clear. I also have a town, I have a greengrocer. We do not live in glass mansions, we live in apartments. How can I play one of them if I am cut off from people anyway? The work the actor does is to cut his life. The actor is genderless. You can also portray the dog, you can portray a homosexual, or a 60-year-old when they are 30. If we do not think of education as a school diploma, if we do not think of it as a diploma from a school, education is absolute and absolutely compulsory. Art is a discipline in its own right. There are also indispensable rules to comply with that discipline. That’s why it’s necessary. ”

Is it theater? TV? He decides on which projects he can express himself in better. “I mean, I try to do things that I feel good on television, also in theater. I choose the more difficult one in the theater. I choose more challenging things. I do not keep my selectivity at a high level there, as it is a profit-oriented, profit-oriented thing among the production relationship on television. Since I cannot make money in the theater, it is okay to say that it is okay, but at least we choose to tell the stories that we cannot tell on television for some reasons.

Career plan: He wants to act for the rest of his life. He is also planning to act in a movie as soon as possible. “I have never had a thought to quit acting, I will shoot my own movie yet. I also want to direct. Now I can do everything, I have that equipment. ”

Concerns: He is concerned about the prevalence of a tense language everywhere in our country in the streets, politics, art and magazine. “Ahi, Sufism emerged from these lands. Mevlânâ is a person of these lands. Why is this tension? It is sad, but there are many who say, “What does theater add to the country?” We cannot develop because of those who think like that. Years ago, a master was laying wooden parquet in our house. He asked me what do I do. I said ‘I’m a theater person’. He despised. ‘Amaaan what good is theater. Choose a good profession, “he said. When the parquet flooring was finished, it was a terrible job that lacked aesthetics. I called the master and said, “If you were interested in art in your life, if you went to a few theaters, if you looked at a few painting paintings, you wouldn’t be able to lay these parquets with such bumps”. We constantly talk about violence, terror and armament, and we talk about them in front of children. Art teaches to love others and those who are not like themselves, if nothing works. The country founded by a leader who said “One of the lifebloods of the nation without art has been severed” should not have been like this! Art creates spaces for you to live humanely. Because an art-loving contractor does not make a building that looks bad, it will be uncomfortable if he does. The aesthetic feeling does not allow this. ”


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2009- Aile Reisi (Goodman) / Nazım

2009- The Season For Rain / Atilla

2006 / 2008- İki Aile (Two Families) / Oğuz Karaman

2008- Karamel (Caramel) / Yusuf

2006- Kamyon (Truck)

2005- Seni Çok Özledim (I Miss You Very Much) / Kenan

2005- Sen misin, Değil misin? (Are you or not?) / Orhan-Burhan-Ferhan

2005- Ölümüne Sevdalar / Murat Kaptan

2004- İstanbul Şahidim (Istanbul is my Witness) / Aslan Fırat

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1999 / 2002- Tale Of Lies / Erkan


2017- Yol Arkadaşım /Fevzi

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2009- Güneşi Gördüm / Musto

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2013- El-Bohem “Fikret Mualla” / Yönetmen

2010- Sondan Sonra / Mark / Yönetmen

2008- Şah Mat / Sanat Yönetmeni

2007- Bir Mutfak Masalı: Kerstin Specht / Bakırköy Belediye Tiyatroları

2005- Kara Sohbet / Textor Textel

2005- Sınır: Muzaffer İzgü / Bakırköy Belediye Tiyatroları

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2002- İkinci Caddenin Mahkumu: Neil Simon / Bakırköy Belediye Tiyatroları

1999- Rumuz Goncagül: Oktay Arayıcı / Bakırköy Belediye Tiyatroları

1999- Bir Cinayet Söylencesi: Melih Cevdet Anday / Bakırköy Belediye

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1996- Simyacı / Oğlan

1991- Fırtına / Cin/Yerli

Aşk Her Yerde / Leonard Loftus / Yönetmen

1993- Barış: Aristopfanes / Bakırköy Belediye Tiyatroları

Sofokles’in Antigone’si: Bertolt Brecht – Bakırköy Belediye Tiyatroları

1991- Fırtına: William Shakespeare / İstanbul Devlet Tiyatrosu


2010- Lions Theater Awards / / Best Actor / Sondan Sonra

2006- 20th Afife Theater Awards / Most Successful Actor of the Year / Kara Sohbet

2004- 23rd Istanbul Film Festival / Best Actor / İnşaat

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