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Who is Feyyaz Şerifoğlu? Where is he from – Height – Age – TV Series – Family

Feyyaz Şerifoğlu was born on January 1, 1991 in Rize. Turkish TV series, actor and musician.

Name: Feyyaz Şerifoğlu
Date of Birth: January 1, 1991
Place of Birth: Rize
Height: 1.75 m.
Weight: 73 kilos
Sign: Capricorn
Eye color: brown
Siblings: Has 2 older sisters

Family: He was born and raised in Rize. He has two older sisters. “I am the only boy in the house. “Actually, we are a classic Black Sea family. But since I grew up in a family dominated by women, love was the most important element. Anyway, wherever you look, nothing happens without love. You can’t do a job you don’t like, you can’t eat food you don’t like, you can’t wear clothes you don’t like, you can’t be friends with someone you don’t like. So love is an important emotion that should be instilled in the souls of all of us.”

Childhood years: He feels lucky to have grown up in a loving family. “If the dose of love is given high in childhood, the world becomes more livable. In that context, I was a lucky kid.”

Education life: He graduated from Tekirdağ Namık Kemal University, Department of Textile Engineering.

The turning point of his career: The ‘O Ses Türkiye’ Contest, which he participated in 2013, was the turning point of his career. He managed to attract the attention of the jury members in the competition. After the competition, he acted as the vocalist of Ajda Pekkan for a long time. “In the competition, I sang the song ‘İnci Tanem’, I managed to turn Gökhan Özoğuz, Murat Boz and Ebru Gündeş. After the competition, I started to act as the vocalist of Ajda Pekkan. In 2014, I continued my career with the ENBE orchestra under the leadership of Behzat Gerçeker. Later on, I had the opportunity to work with many famous artists. I acted in commercials. In 2019, I entered the music market with my first single titled ‘Gidene’, supported by Ajda Pekkan. The song has reached one million views on YouTube.”

The first step into acting: He started his television adventure with the character of “Can” in the TV series “Kırmızı Oda”.

Which project did he shine with? He attracted attention with the character of Sedat Koroğlu, which he portrayed in the TV series “Camdaki Kız”.

Mindset: He thinks being handsome or beautiful is an advantage on screen. “Although I think that everyone involved in art has a light, I do not think that there are ugly people in the world. Everyone has their likes and dislikes. It’s not for me to stand out just because of my visual features, but I never look at my friends who adopt it with prejudice.”

Source of happiness: He is happy to have had the opportunity to work with experienced names in his new acting career. “Years ago, he had another series of projects and the leading role of the project was Burcu. (Biricik) I wanted so much, but it didn’t happen, luck was today. We became really good friends. He is incredibly supportive of me. Working with a partner like him is invaluable to me. But let me also say this; I was really lucky. It is really valuable to be with master players such as Dear Binnur Kaya, Tamer Levent, Devrim Yakut, Şerif Erol, Selma Ergeç, Hande Ataizi, Şerif Erol, Nihal Menzil, Tuğrul Tülek and Nur Sürer and to feel their support.”

His outlook on life: He considers himself lucky, but believes that his luck is not a coincidence. “Actually, Feyyaz’s journey is based on 7 years, and his dreams are based on 20 years. My grandfather always used to say, ‘Want hard, work hard, keep your heart clean, you’ll get it’. As a matter of fact, I am God’s beloved servant, and I had the chance to be in the same project with one of Turkey’s best production companies, its most valuable directors and a very valuable cast. In fact, I believe this is not a coincidence, but a tawafuq.”

Perspective on business life: “Acting was actually my life since I entered this industry. I think that the soloist on stage should have acting talent. Just as we have to show our best performance when we lose a loved one or have a bad experience, when we go on stage that day, we have to perform the role given in acting in the best way possible. What is always real is warm to the viewer. You know, when we watch a movie and know that it is a quote from real life, our perspective changes, just like that. Sincerity is the most important thing. The real thing is warm to the viewer.”

Personal growth: The ‘Camdaki Kız’ series is his second project on screen. He works with actor coaches during the preparation phase of projects. “I don’t have many kilometers, but I’m very lucky that the opportunities that come my way come to my heart. I used to work with an acting coach, now I have an acting coach, and even though there isn’t a lot of waiting time between projects, I’ve been trying to put brick after brick without stopping.”

Career plan: He describes music as his first love. He wants to continue acting and musicianship together in his future career planning. “Actually, music is my first love. Later on, it turned into a profession that I have enjoyed all my life. In fact, the first step for me was the competition. During this period, my biggest chance was to meet and work with dear Ajda Pekkan. It was a unique opportunity for me to have this experience at the very beginning of my musical journey with Süperstar. Music is my life. But of course, I think that going on a journey with our producer Onur Güvenatam at the beginning of the road will take me to many other places. Therefore, the fact that I enter acting with such a strong feeling shows me that I need to proceed with a working model that is equal to both and feeds each other without discrimination. In other words, you will watch me both in the cinema and on TV, and I hope you will listen to my songs a lot.”

Private Life: He wants to focus on his work, he has no one in his life. “Fate, destiny, of course, is unknown, but at this time, I really think of nothing but focusing on my work. Because I am at the very beginning of the road and I did not want my perception to be distorted and I decided to postpone my affairs for a while because I thought that I would not be able to do what is expected of me properly in a relationship. Of course, I don’t know how well I can do it.”


2020/2021 – Kırmızı Oda / Can (Guest actor)

2021- Camdaki Kız / Sedat Koroğlu


2013 – O Ses Türkiye / Competitor

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