Artists News Who is going to be Barış Arduç’s new partner?

Who is going to be Barış Arduç’s new partner?

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After starring in Gupse Özay’s movie Deliha, Barış Arduç attracted attention, later played with Elçin Sangu in Star TV’s romantic comedy series Love For Rent. The index both in Turkey was a great echo in foreign countries. After this series, which had an important place in Barış Arduç’s career, he took a break from the screen for a while, upsetting the audience.

Later, the actor came to the screen with the series Kuzgun, where she was in front of the camera with Burcu Biricik. In fact, it was a production that attracted attention with its story and actors, but unfortunately, it did not achieve the desired rating among many series and made an early final.

We saw Barış Arduç in the The Pit series before the pandemic last season. The actor came to the screen with Arık Böke, an ambitious character in the new season of the series. He was obviously a key character from drawing an ambitious portrait, but his life was short.

Who is going to be Barış Arduç's new partner? 8

The character Arık Böke, shot by Cumali last week, left the series. The reason for this sudden departure is that Barış Arduç was going to start a new series or whether it was designed like this from the beginning, but immediately after the news that the player will play in a new series came to the fore.

The news that Arduç will be acting in a new Netflix series has hit the agenda like a bomb! According to the information given by journalist Birsen Altuntaş on his twitter account, Gökçe Bahadır is also mentioned in the series that O3 Media will undertake to produce.

Who is going to be Barış Arduç's new partner? 9

It is stated that Salih Bademci will also take part in the project, whose code name is known as The Club for now. Another bomb is Serenay Sarıkaya!

These are all the details for now, but even this is enough to excite the fans of Barış Arduç and Serenay Sarıkaya.