Who is İlker Aksum? Height - Age - Series - Family
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4 February 2023 09:18


Who is İlker Aksum? Height – Age – Series – Family

İker Aksum was born on May 23, 1971 in Isparta. Turkish TV series, cinema and theater actor.

Name: İlker Aksum
Date of Birth: May 23, 1971
Place of Birth: Isparta
Height: 1.80 m.
Weight: 84 kg
Zodiac Sign: Gemini
Eye Color: Green
Mother: Nurten Aksum
Father: Bülent Aksum
Siblings: Alpay Aksum, İlkay Aksum
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/aksumilker/

Family: His father is an officer pilot, his mother is a housewife. He has twin siblings, a girl and a boy. “My mom and dad are still madly in love with each other. We are real Istanbul people. My grandmother’s mother died at the age of 100. My grandmother passed away at the age of 100. So my grandmother has been in Istanbul for a hundred years and her mother has been in Istanbul for a hundred years. In other words, we are from Istanbul for 250-300 years. But because the soldiers did my father have a chance to see many places in Turkey. Great chance for an actor. ”

Childhood years: Since the age of 12-13, he knew that he would knead with acting and act. Whereas his father wanted him to be a pilot. “Like every father-son relationship, he expected me to do heroic deeds, but I chose to create my own heroes through acting. I have worked hard for this, completed my education and still continue the struggle. Learning, education never ends. I have a wonderful childhood. My biggest luck was my family. They have always supported me. Because there is a big race in our profession. Although ‘I’m not in that race. I don’t want to be a star. I don’t have such a problem, “say,” Brother, if you are in this business, you find yourself in that race. Someone shoots ‘dan’ and you start running. Otherwise, you are already missing, so be sure nothing will happen. The only reason I remain in these conditions without spoiling or going insane is my family, my upbringing. ”

Education life: He graduated from Hacettepe University Ankara State Conservatory.

How did he start acting? In 1994 he started to work in Antalya State Theater. His first professional role was ‘Ophelia’ in the Hamlet play. She starred in more than 10 plays for two years. He left and settled in Istanbul in 1996 because the staff was not opened. She worked at the Bakırköy Municipal Theater for a short time and at the Istanbul City Theaters for a year.

First step into acting: In 1997, he had his first television experience with the program ‘Olacak O Kadar’.

With which project did he shine? He drew attention with the character “Ruşen”, which she portrayed in the TV series “The Foreign Groom”.

Mindset: He thinks that acting is not under anyone’s monopoly and academic education is not a must to be a good actor. “Very incompetent or it may be one of Turkey’s star, the star of the world. In the series, they shoot people in such a way in the cinema, so you can watch such an act from someone you never expected that you say “Wow mother”. I came across this a lot. Acting is not under anyone’s monopoly. As someone who is trained in this job, I am not one of those who say “You cannot be an actor without an academic background”. There are a lot of sarcastic, self-made actors. People like Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton who do not know what they do are world stars. Cinema, especially drama, is the work of stamping. The series is not an art anyway, it is being discussed whether there is a cinema. Education is not a must for acting in TV series and movies, but it is a must for directing and scriptwriting. The TV series industry has grown so much that there is no ground to say ‘Let’s look at academic education and theater history’. It happens that it is said “Have a nice eye, come” to find someone immediately. It holds for that day, but the rest is the place where the zurna call shit. Theater is different, there is someone who does ‘as if’ there, let’s see what happens in front of the audience? ”

Source of happiness: He believes that he was lucky in his career and that he did good things with the right people when he started acting, so he is happy. “I was known with the Tsar. After 3 years of that phenomenal job, they could have continued me from comedy. I was lucky because the Taylan brothers who took the ‘Charlie believed in me. ‘After the Charlie, they played me in the movie king of the drama. This is not a job that a director or producer can easily get under. Luckily I came across people who believed in me. I did not make their faces black either. I’ve always worked hard. Talent is very important in our industry, but it is equally important that someone looks at you and believes you. ”

First motion picture: Yağmur- Durul Taylan / Küçük Kıyamet

The look of love: “When you fall in love, a curtain falls in your eyes. You don’t know your mother or father. You cut your veins. It’s a heavy chemical. You may not be able to take steps. On the contrary, everything can be pink. You can fly out of happiness. It has no definition, no recipe. Almost all of us feel the same when we fall in love. A tingling that starts in the stomach. What are the symptoms: You start to be unable to think properly. What we are secreting now. If doctors produce that hormone synthetically, we’ll be crazy. We can wake up to a very happy world, I don’t know. I’ve had them, so I know from there. ”

View of life: Self-improvement methods for the profession; discipline, taking care of yourself physically, not giving up, not giving up, not being offended and being positive. When he looks back at his 26-year career, his emotions, happiness, regret and loneliness. “But in all circumstances, I got up and continued, I think I performed my profession in the best way in every situation and I also experience the justified pride that this brings. There were times when I didn’t get an award. I was young but doing very good work. I couldn’t understand why I couldn’t get an award, then one of my director said to me; “Stanley Kubrick did not receive any awards in his life.” Because for me, Stanley Kubrick is the world’s best director. While thinking this way, there is no award I haven’t received since 2001. This is a value given to me by the market, thank you. ”

His attitude to business life: He thinks that acting contains all emotions such as lust, ambition, assertion, stubbornness, discipline and success. He believes that it is not possible to predict what will work or not in the industry and they are gambling in a way. “We all gamble. In fact, we have started to gamble a lot recently. The situation started to come to ‘what if’ point. When talking about the unsuspecting series, the bill is usually charged to the actors, but no one should be sorry, the main problem is that the management staff of the channels are out of professionalism. If a channel produces 18 TV series a year and only 1 hits, there is a problem with its staff. I’ll change that dramas manager right away. That is to say, there is no financial loss, if it does, they will not keep that person there one day! The producers must not lose, either, that one series goes down and they start another. Is it acceptable for a doctor to lose 17 of his 18 patients during surgery? Currently none of us can solve the system. This brings with it non-standard. There is terrible circulation and confusion. I’m not telling these to call the TV series industry tu kaka. This would be a shame, I eat my bread from there. But I’m tired of this situation. ”

Career plan: He thinks that taking part in both drama and comedy roles is a great advantage for his career. “I get a year of comedy and a year of drama. It is difficult for a player to catch this. “20 Minutes” was drama, Kadim Dostum (My Old Friend) was a comedy. The movie ‘Çarşı Pazar’ was a comedy, the movie ‘Vavien’ was a drama. If possible, work should be done while maintaining standards. Sometimes we do bad deeds. Even in the last five years, not sometimes, the number of my bad deeds started to increase. This really makes me depressed. Because I couldn’t understand. Yes, I was picky, but in recent years I have been not able to choose well. This is an interesting thing, but when you look at it, it happened to all the actors in the world. For example, I recently watched a terrible movie starring three names like Russell Crowe, Will Smith, and Colin Farrell. I couldn’t believe it. I looked at the scriptwriter and the director, he obviously asked for his first directing experience, they also acted. And a disastrous movie was made. I too used my right to do bad projects. I have no right? Doesn’t Lionel Messi have the right to play a bad game? I have, I have too. I think I have used my rights in the last three years. Sometimes you don’t get lucky. These are common things that people in our profession will encounter in their lives. Only here the following is important; “Don’t be offended, don’t compromise on your physical and spiritual preparation!” For example, this is an important situation. Father, uncle and grandfather roles will come, but there are more. Physical and spiritual discipline is very important for an actor. Because you have a long marathon ahead of you. You play the lead role at 78, after all. ”

Dream of the Future: He wants some rest now. “Since 1996 I have been running between set and theater, I need to rest a little. If I can overcome all the material obstacles I just want to deal with cinema and theater. Television is a very tiring job. My big goal is this: I want people to say, “If there is an İlker, look at it” in the movie that comes before them.

Concerns: He finds the rating anxiety in the industry alarming. “As long as we do not work with professionals as education and we do not bring the academic aspects of this business to the fore, this will continue to go on like this. When we look at the management staff of the televisions, we see the staff that have nothing to do with these jobs. It’s the same when we look at the producer side. And let’s come to the productive side of the job; the situation is no different there either. Art director, cinematographer or director on sets? Don’t make me laugh. Are there 100 directors in this country? If we look at the actors’ side, the business has started to be very street now. Of course I do not underestimate the street when I say from the street. I don’t remember as much television pollution as we have experienced in the last five years. ”

How does he keep his shape? She definitely cleans her make-up before going to bed on the days she has the shoot. “I take care of my food, I try not to miss a meal. And this is the same with my genetic parents. I’m paying some attention too. I was almost in my 50s but I can still share roles with young people.


2020 – Ramo / Hasan

2018/2019 – Resurrection Ertuğrul / Dragos

2018 – Victorious Mehmet / Cox

2016 – Love of My Life / Tarık

2016/2017 – For My Son / Çınar Saygıner

2016- Yeşil Deniz (Green Sea) / Kostak Üsen

2016 – Seddülbahir 32 Hours / Ramiz

2015 – Buyur Burdan Bak

2015- Sen de Gitme (Don’t Go)

2014 – Kadim Dostum (My Old Friend) / Mümtaz Kilerci

2014 – Ne diyosuuun? / Ali Kemal

2013 – Tatar Ramazan: I Break This Game / Cevdet Mercan

2013 – 20 Minutes / Ali Halaskar

2012 – Fallen Angel / Reşat

2011 – Bizim Yenge / Bahri

2011 – Sen de Gitme / Doctor Yahya

2011 – Magnificent Century / Captain Derya Cafer Ağa

2008/2010 – Canım Ailem / Halim

2007 – Kara Yılan (Black Snake) / Captain Laroş

2004/2007 – Foreign Groom / Ruşen

2003 – Aşk Olsun / Yıldırım

2002 – Beşik Kertmesi/ Enis Büyütücü

2002 – Biz Size Aşık Olduk (We Fall in Love with You) / Sinan

2000- Baykuşların Saltanatı (The Reign of the Owls)

2000 – Charlie at Work

1999 – 5 Maymun Çetesi (5 Monkey Gang) / American

1998 – Charlie / Afakan

1997 – Olacak O Kadar/ İlker


2021- Azizler

2019 – 7. Koğuştaki Mucize / Askorozlu

2018 – Her Şey Seninle / Bulut

2018 – Hedefim Sensin / Yarım Hasan

2018 – Her Şey Seninle Güzel

2015 – Aşk Olsun / Ozan

2014 – Çilek / Police Officer

2015 – Çarşı Pazar/ İmam

2013 – İki Kafadar: Chinese Connection / Altan

2013 – Mutlu Aile Defteri / Kudret Taşyumruk

2012 – Taş Mektep

2011 – Bizim Büyük Çaresizliğimiz / Ender

2010- Ejder Kapanı/ Doctor

2009 – Vavien / Televizyoncu Sabri

2009 – Güz Sancısı / İsmet

2006 – Küçük Kıyamet / Ali


2015- Balım Müzikali / Hayri

2015- Buyur Bi’De Burdan Bak

2010- Macbeth / Macbeth

1998 – Sefiller / Levent Kırca Tiyatrosu

1998 – Güzel ve Çirkin / Levent Kırca Tiyatrosu

1994 – Hamlet / Antalya Devlet Tiyatrosu


2013- 18th Sadri Alışık Theater and Cinema Actor Awards / The Most Successful Musical or Comedy Actor of the Year / Mutlu Aile Defteri

2010- İsmail Cem Television Awards / Best Comedy Series Supporting Actor / Canım Ailem

2006- Cinema Writers Association Turkish Cinema Awards / Best Supporting Actor Award / Küçük Kıyamet

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