Who is Leyla Feray? Height - Age - Series - Family
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3 February 2023 14:14


Who is Leyla Feray? Height – Age – Series – Family

Leyla Feray was born on May 8, 1993 in Istanbul. Turkish TV series and movie actress.

Name: Leyla Feray
Date of Birth: May 8, 1993
Place of Birth: İstanbul
Height: 1.73 m.
Weight: 57 kg
Horoscope: Taurus
Eye color brown
Eye color brown
Mother: Lal Dedeoğlu
Father: Cem Feray
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/leylaferay/
Pets: She has a dog called Hatun

Family: Businessmen parents separated when he was young. She had a happy childhood with her mother in a house dominated by women. “I couldn’t go out at night until the age of 18 because everyone knew my mother. I couldn’t go out to the places my friends went to.”

Childhood years: She discovered that she wanted to be an actress in the school theaters she took part in when she was little. “I loved being on stage. Then, while I was reading behind the camera, I somehow found myself in front of the camera and my career progressed as a series and cinema. I have to spare some time for the theater, but I would love to be in theaters at some point in my life. ”

Education life: Graduated from Koç University Media and Visual Arts Department.

The first step into acting: She started her television adventure with the character “Sinem”, which he played in the “I Loved Him So Much” series in 2013.

Which project did she shine with? She drew attention with the character of ‘Ayşe Sultan’ in the TV series ‘Magnificent Century: Kösem’.

Personality traits: Calm, calm, modest. “Actually, calmness is a mood that I always wanted to maintain. Contrary to what seems from the outside, there are times when I get very angry and rise like everyone else, but it doesn’t take long to return to my old self. ”

Personal development: She reads a lot of books to improve herself. “I recently read Joe Dispenza’s” Breaking the Habit of Being You “and I saw its impact.”

Mindset: Likes constructive criticism. She also often criticizes herself. “My realist self-criticisms have served me well so far. I think every person should try the state of seeing the good things and focusing on the things that are missing or missing. ”

Her source of happiness: She says “I’m glad I became an actress.” Her job is her biggest source of happiness. “As the day goes on, I am saying that I am luckily oriented towards acting. It has contributed a lot to me and I love this job. There is no profession that would make me happy and nurtured more. I am at the very beginning of the work, and it is my wish to go on this path day by day. ”

First movie: Mert Baykal / Kardeşim Benim 2

Her view of business life: She always had a passion for acting and she always had a lot of players around her, suddenly she found herself in the industry. “Everyone said” will he be able to do it? “But it was not a problem for me because I love it very much. I read behind the scenes, but until I got into this job, I had no experience except in the theaters where I was at school. Therefore, I gain new experiences with each set. I am improving myself every day in the name of acting. I have a long way to go, but of course I feel much more secure than before. The director is really important to me when I’m acting. The best thing is to both give what the director wants and talk with him before the stage and sort things out. ”

Career plan: She evaluates incoming projects together with her agency Gaye Sökmen. He really wants to do theater. “I enjoyed the scene during my school years and I loved it very much. Offers for the theater have come, but I did not dare yet. It doesn’t just happen with courage, I think theater requires the right timing and hard work. It does not sound right to say that I am an actress without acting. I don’t just prefer to remain a TV actor. I will definitely try. A separate training is required for theater and I need it too. Theater is an institution with rules. I know the shortcomings in myself, sound, fitness. When choosing a project, my concern is more about what the project will contribute to me. I think drama projects are good for my career as long as I enjoy playing and being in it. ”

Future Dream: She prefers to live in the moment without thinking too much about the future. I used to dream more about the future, what I would do in the future, whatever I achieved, I would be happy. But as time passed, I realized the importance of living in the moment. Rather than living forward and making continuous plans, I now focus on the moment. I am more peaceful like this. I know that my plans and life will change according to what life will bring and offer me.

How does she keep her shape? She is doing Pole Dance. “Having to carry my own weight has made me very strong. For the first time, the muscles in my abdomen became clear. And I must admit that as a Taurus, I never stopped eating during this process and my body shape noticed a lot despite that. I go to pole dance two or three days a week without a hitch and I got very tight. ”

Hobby: Painting. “Painting has been my favorite hobby since childhood, so I always took various classes. While I was studying Media and Visual Arts at Koç University, I took both art history and painting classes. Now, whenever I have time, I do it at home. My paintings are hanging in the houses of many people around me. ”

Who does she admire? Foreign directors don’t miss any of Tarantino and Wes Anderson’s films. “I like both very much. I am very impressed by the world Wes Anderson has created, and even take inspiration from his colors and the patterns he uses in his films. ”

What does she do at home? She likes to be at home and attaches importance to home decoration. “I really like Eames designs. I love collecting beautiful decoration-related pieces. My mom collects a lot. I just started as it was the first time I had a house of my own. My home is the most important place for me, where I spend the most time. I love and care about being in a beautiful environment. I love looking at beautiful things. I’m a little dim, I want little lights but dim in my house. Lamps, lampshades. Ever since we said the 60s, I think of orange. I find great things from House of Junk. I’m doing it slowly, the decoration is already. All the books in my library are truly read books. I love being lived. ”

Which movie was she affected by? Arrival. “A movie that differs from science fiction movies with a different perspective. I loved the feeling it gave. And their music. ”


2020- Awakening: Great Seljuk / Gevher Hatun

2020 Rise of Empires: Ottoman / Huma Hatun

2016 / 2017- Magnificent Century: Kösem / Ayşe Sultan

2014- Paşa Gönlüm

2014- Üç Arkadaş (Three Friends)

2013- I Loved Him So Much / Sinem


2019- Aries/ Leyla (Kısa Film)

2017- Kardeşim Benim 2 / Leyla

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