Series News Who is Merve Boluğur? Height – Age – Series – Family

Who is Merve Boluğur? Height – Age – Series – Family

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Merve Boluğur was born on September 16, 1987 in Istanbul. Turkish TV series and movie actress.

Name: Merve Boluğur
Date of Birth: September 16, 1987
Place of Birth: İstanbul
Height: 1.67 m.
Weight: 54 kg
Zodiac Sign: Virgo
Eye color Hazel
Siblings: She has a brother

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Family: Her mother is a Jugoslav immigrant, a housewife. Her father is from Izmir, is retired. He had a shoe store. She has a brother. “My childhood was simply wonderful. Hand doll, rose doll, I was raised. Love and long-term marriages of my parents set a good example for me. ”

Childhood work: When she was young, she was a very quiet, calm, withdrawn child. She was neither a very successful student nor a very beautiful girl. It was not in the foreground. She was a girl of her own. She loved to sit in front of the mirror and sing. “My aunt had an old wardrobe, I would love it. It had nightgowns and toilets. I would wear them and I would go to the dressing table with two mirrors, bring the two wings of the mirror closer and look at the two other myself. Then I would pick up the perfume bottle and sing. Playing with dolls was an indescribable happiness for me. The fact that my father took me to the park by the hand and instilled me in the habit of reading at a young age, buying home a fairy tale book every day is one of the best memories of my childhood together. People sometimes say, ‘I wish I never grow up!’ Says. It would be nice to relive those moments. But the important thing is not to lose the child. ”

Education program: After graduating from Nişantaşı Nuri Akın Anatolian High School, she studied acting at Müjdat Gezen Art Center Theater Department.

The turning point in her life: High school was just over. Her life changed when a friend who had an agency called him to the agency. “My fate changed that day, I got a small role in the movie ‘Keloğlan Karaprens’e Karşı’. After seeing myself on the big screen at the gala, I said, “This must be my profession.” I started training at MGSM, followed by ‘The Novice Witch’ and ‘City Of Lies’. ”

First step into acting: She started acting in 2006 by taking a role in the movie “Keloğlan Karaprens’e Karşı”.

With which project did she shine? She drew attention with the character ‘Ayşegül’, which he portrayed in the ‘The Novice Witch’ series.

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Personal development: “It has never been idle until this time, it has always improved itself. For example; I learned to ride a motor, took singing lessons, I love singing, I painted. I still do these things. I have a world of my own. ”

Personality traits: Sensitive, fragile, emotional, sympathetic, friendly. “I am generally calm. I try to be in contact with people. But I have an impulsive side. If I go too much, there will be moments when I cannot hold myself. But this nervous moment is very rare. ”
Structure of mind: Its priority is always “healthy”, beauty is secondary. However, he tries to look good due to his profession. “I show the necessary care. I don’t think I’m very beautiful. But I guess I’m a girl to look at. I do not comment on this, it is how people see it. I am a person who likes to solve my problems not by sharing, but by living within myself. I don’t like to share too much. ”

What kind of person is she on set? She is a good music listener. Music is the therapy method she often uses on set. “I like to listen to music according to my mood when I wake up in the morning, go to the set. I like to keep rhythm according to every moment. ”

The source of happiness: Seeing a different Merve every morning when she wakes up motivates her to life. “I have different wigs in my house. I am always open to innovation and change. We already see many examples of this abroad. I like to surprise people. When I start a new project professionally, it makes me happy to work on an image suitable for that character. Since I am a brunette at heart and black hair looks great, I get black dye. ”

First motion picture: Tayfun Güneyer / Keloğlan Karaprens’e Karşı

The look at love: “You know that first love has innocence, inexperience and no pain, it is a very pure moment. I love that state very much. The best love happens at a young age. ”

Her view on life: Emotional, but she doesn’t like to show this side of it too much. She likes to live in it. She prefers to solve her problems by experiencing herself, not by sharing. “I live a life and don’t know when it will end. I live in the logic of “If it is not an unresolved problem, why should I focus on it?” That’s why I think I get through some things I have experienced easily. I had a family that always supported me. Thank goodness I did not have a heavy and difficult day. I have had bad times, but there have never been situations where I could never get through or gave up. I am always a forward looking person. Everything has a solution in life except death. Since I have learned to look that way, I do not focus too much on it. Even if I do, I solve it inside myself and look forward. For example, I know very well what I really don’t want anymore. My priorities are very clear. Now, I prefer a happiness-oriented life within my own limits. ”

Her view of business life: Her biggest passion in acting life. Doing what she loves makes her feel alive. “I have been working since a young age. I worked constantly, it was like I grew up early. When I was little, I used to tell my father, ‘I will work and stand on my own feet. Fortunately, I am doing what I love. Fame has never required me to restrict my life. When my mood is low or I am bored, if I am going into a crowd, I wear my glasses and continue on my way without drawing attention. In fact, I normally act like what Merve does. ”

Career plan: She takes care to improve herself more in every new project. Her goal has always been to try to be on good projects and to do better for her career. “I appeared before the audience with the characters I always wanted. First of all, I take care to choose my role accordingly. I want to be a character actor, so I always try to portray different characters. I always try to improve myself in terms of acting. If I cried in the previous drama, I am careful not to cry the same way in the next.

Relationship with nature: Autumn is her favorite season. Rain and sad weather attract her. She loves being in nature and doing sports in nature. Her favorites are wakeboard and snowboard. “My biggest passion is to sail on a boat and do water sports. I love going out and walking in rainy weather. It makes me feel like I’m somewhere else. ”

How does she keep her shape? Sport is a way of her life. She feels very bad when she doesn’t. Taking a walk when he is happiest lightens her. She does pilates four days a week. “I’ve never been on a diet in my life. I’m not a quick weight gain. But in general, I eat mainly vegetables. I can’t say no to the crisp and french fries. I am good with milk desserts. I’m eating little bread. But I can’t even tolerate the smell of the liver. I attach great importance to breakfast. ”

Which movie was she affected by? She can watch the movie ‘The Notebook’ over and over again. From the series, she is a ‘Game of Thrones’ patient and loves ‘Narcos’

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The city she won’t get tired of going? Paris

The song that suddenly raised her mood? Michael Jackson / Smooth Criminal

The fragrance that has been indispensable for years? Maison Francis Kurkdjian

What kind of book does she read? She likes personal development and biographies. She also reads books on Sufism. “I question my purpose in life, why I am here, how I can be better and compassionate. A good article can change my day. ”


2006/2007 – The Novice Witch / Ayşegül

2007-In Love Again / September

2009-Ash and Fire (Kül ve Ateş) / Hayal İsfendiyar

2010/2011 – City Of Lies / Ayşegül Yalçın

2011/2013 -Kuzey Guney / Zeynep Çiçek

2013/2014 – The Magnificent Century / Nurbanu Sultan

2017 – Glass Mask / Ezgi Kara Bademli


2006 -Keloğlan Karaprense Karşı /Birgül

2007-Gomeda / Aysen

2008 -Hoşçakal Güzin /Bahar (TV Film)


2010 – Ayaklı Gazete TV Stars Awards Promising Actress of 2010