Who is Nejat Uygur? Where is he from – Height – Age – TV Series – Family
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6 October 2022 09:41


Who is Nejat Uygur? Where is he from – Height – Age – TV Series – Family

Nejat Uygur was born on January 1, 1995 in Istanbul. Turkish TV and movie actor.

Name: Nejat Uygur
Date of Birth: January 1, 1995
Place of Birth: Istanbul
Height: 1.74 m.
Weight: 73 kilos
Sign: Capricorn
Eye color: brown
Mother: Cigdem Uygur
Father: Behzat Uygur
Siblings: Behzat Uygur
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/nejatuygurjrr/

Family: He is the grandson of famous theater actor and comedy doyen Nejat Uygur. He got his name from his grandfather. His father is the actor Behzat Uygur, and his uncle is Süheyl Uygur. He has one brother.

Childhood years: He was on tour with his family from his childhood, and the fact that his family was a theater actor had a great influence on his choice of acting. “I was born into touring. Everyone in the family is related to different branches of art. I was not in the mood to be a mechanical engineer. We are one of 2-3 families in the world who have been making theater for three generations.”

Educational life: After completing his high school education at TED Istanbul College, he did not receive a university education, he started acting directly, which is his family profession and which he was enthusiastic about. “I graduated from TED Istanbul College. But I am someone who has always refused to read and has an anarchist approach to education. I think that most of our training centers are businesses. I believe that it will not add anything to me other than the social environment. That’s why I refused to go to college. I will continue on my way as a sarcastic player.”

How did he start acting? After starting his acting career with videos he shot on social media, he turned to TV series.

Which project did it shine with? He attracted attention with the character of “Hikmet”, which he portrayed in the TV series “Bizim Hikaye”, where he took his first step into the television world.

Personality traits: Determined, hardworking, determined, sociable, witty.

His mindset: He likes to live without making plans, and he says that his father Behzat Uygur’s decision not to go to university was met with a reaction. “My father and I had a lot of arguments about it, he was against my ideas. He also gets angry that I’m a little bohemian, but he’s not in a position to sway. I try to live without a plan, but people call it insanity. My father is still proud of me.”

Unforgettable memory on set: He can’t forget a memory he had on the set of the TV series “Bizim Hikaye”, which was his first television experience. “I was unconscious in the first weeks of the set in Bizim Hikaye. Since I grew up in a theater family, I always saw that backstage and we were always comfortable. Okay, they’re all professional actors, masters, but in the end, I had my father, uncle, grandfather, uncle, aunt and cousins ​​backstage. That’s why I don’t know how to behave. We played a scene on the set many times and it just didn’t happen. At that time, I said, ‘We cut it!’ and entered the market. That moment when there was dead silence on the whole set. No one speaks or looks at me. I realized that I did something wrong. Our director, Serdar Abi (with Eyes), shouted, “No one will cut it again until I say we did it.” So I stuck my head out of the market and said, ‘Serdar, I’m so sorry, let’s continue’. Because I’m back. What do you mean cut? But it was also fun to say. It gives you an incredible ego. After all, you are the only person who can cut it, no one else can intervene.”

Source of happiness: He is proud and happy with the presence of his grandfather. “Since I carry my grandfather’s name, there is no burden on me. Everyone has an expectation that he will be as important as my grandfather Nejat Uygur. No, I’m not trying to be great like my grandfather or anyone else, I’m trying to be myself. The greatest legacy left to me from my grandfather; Theatrical plays, their writings. I cannot put into words the pleasure of being able to laugh and read the plays he interpreted and translated. Let’s not forget that another Nejat Uyghur will not come to the country.”

First feature film: Murat Emre Kaman- Defne Deliormanlı / Kaçma Birader: Taksim Yolcusu Kalmasın

His outlook on life: He doesn’t like people being commodified. “Almost everyone in my family was famous anyway, and because of the world they live in, I’ve had the chance to chat with people I love since my childhood. That’s why I don’t print any celebrity’s photo on my t-shirt. Unfortunately, people do not know to what extent they will experience their admiration. It’s not admiration, I think it’s enough to respect. When he looks at me, I get up at 6 am and act like I’m someone else in front of 100 people until 2 am. This is already schizophrenic. The person watching me doesn’t actually know me and therefore doesn’t like me either. He may like my tone of voice, my aura, my body language, but as long as he doesn’t sit at the same table with me and have tea, he shouldn’t admire me if possible.”

His view of business life: He has a large fan base with the videos he posted on Vine. However, after the TV series, Vine took a break from broadcasting. “I can’t help being perceived as a social media person or a Vineist. I’m an actor, I want to show people this side of me. I made an announcement on Vine with around 300 comedy-oriented videos and shot a commercial. I don’t think about being social media-dominated anymore, but if a web series is shot, I will take part in it. I don’t want to be in popular culture like Vine or Instagram. Frankly, I can’t make a definition as the tolerable and unbearable aspects of acting. For me, acting is divided into two as on stage and in front of the camera. I have always loved it because I grew up with traditional Turkish theater and there is a state of ‘playing’ there too. But you try not to act in front of the camera. That’s why you inevitably become the character you portray. For example, I can only come to my senses 30-35 minutes after being told ‘we cut it’. I think that’s the part that’s both challenging and seriously enjoyable.”

What’s your biggest craze to date? Deciding in one day to go to India the next day. “I had read Osho’s books at that time, which now seems ridiculous to me. I recently read Love, Freedom, Loneliness. Thereupon, I wanted to see and experience the information I gained on site and went to Osho International Center in Pune, the cultural capital of India. It’s a place where money doesn’t pass but you pay 2000 dollars at the entrance. I had an experience there where I realized that we are all different beings than we actually are.”

Which movie was he influenced by? “I was watching ‘The Mentalist’ for a while. I watched all the seasons of Friends twice, I love it. I cried every time in the last episode. When we see the whole house empty, that moment is a very emotional moment for me. I had the same feeling in the play ‘Çıkmaz Sokak Çocukları’, in which Yağızcan (Konyalı) acted. What makes the house a home is the events that take place in it; That’s why I think it’s affecting me to see such an empty house after all that has happened.”


2021- Kağıt Ev / Mert Fırtına

2021- Kırmızı Oda / Hakan

2017/2019- Bizim Hikaye/ Hikmet


2016- 2016- Kaçma Birader: Taksim Yolcusu Kalmasın / Eren

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