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Who is Şahin Irmak? Where is he from – Height – Age – TV Series – Family

Şahin Irmak was born on September 29, 1981 in Izmir. Turkish TV series, cinema and theater actor and screenwriter.

Name: Sahin Irmak
Date of Birth: September 29, 1981
Place of Birth: Izmir
Height: 1.86 m.
Weight: 83 kilos
Sign: Libra
Eye color brown
Spouse: Asena Tugal
Pets: He has a dog.

Family: He was born and raised in Izmir. In 2018, he married Asena Tuğal, an actress like him.

Childhood years: Acting was a childhood dream. “My parents were not at all sure, but it was my dream. Ever since I was a child, I always wanted to be an actor. You start with imitation, it always happens like that, you show yourself. You try to make people laugh. So was I. You make the family laugh first, your friends, etc. Then you say; ‘Good job, I’ll do it’. This is what I always dreamed of.”

Education life: High school graduate.

Turning point in his career: He didn’t study at the Conservatory, he describes himself as ‘sardonic’ His entrance to BKM was the turning point of his career. “I was doing amateur theater in İzmir. In 2005, I learned that Beşiktaş Cultural Center will hold an exam for young talents, and I attended. I started when I won. We were taking theater training during the day, and making bar theater in the evenings and entertaining people. One day, they came to watch it on Kanal D and wanted to bring ‘Çok Güzel Hareketler’ to television. The project took off. When I first came to Istanbul, I had a lot of trouble. I had no money to buy cigarettes. I met Yılmaz Erdoğan at the BKM exam. In fact, in the exam where I acted, Yılmaz Edoğan said, “Okay, you go”. I failed, I thought I was fired. It turned out to be saying, “Okay, we got it, you’re ready”. I was so upset that I was going to cry. I would return to my hometown. Then Tolga Çevik from the team called and said that I won. Yilmaz Erdogan’s efforts should be appreciated at a time when masters do not train apprentices. He is the father of all of us. I learned the profession and life from him. They never let us down financially, they give us an easy ride. BKM is like a family.”

The first step into acting: He started his television adventure in 2002 with the TV series “Efsane”.

Which project did it shine with? He attracted attention with the character of “Şiro” in the TV series “Karayılan”.

Source of happiness: He is happy to be a member of BKM. “We meet with many of my teammates, although not very often. Because we are brothers rather than colleagues. We spent our youth together. We have a BKM manners. We were taught to be good people rather than being good actors. I cannot pay the rights of Necati Akpınar and Yılmaz Erdoğan.”

First feature film: Yavuz Turgul/ Kalp Yarası

Person he admires: Çetin Tekindor fan, wants to take part in a mutual project with him.

Perspective on business life: He primarily pays attention to the scenario in the selection of projects. “The priority for me is the script. If I get excited about what I read and find it while I’m imagining it while reading, it’s okay for me. Of course, I also look at the technical team. In short, they are all important criteria. All my actor friends, my set mates and all cinema workers make so many sacrifices while doing this job. Not to mention one thing would be unfair to our past and our labor. In our industry, it doesn’t matter if it’s male or female. You can’t stay long anywhere without working hard. At most, you can look at a friend and leave.”

Career plan: He wants to appear before the audience with different roles. “It can be romantic, heavy drama, hard comedy, as long as it’s works we believe in and enjoy. It’s unprofessional to say I only play comedy or drama. The actor is the one who can do all of these. The actor should not have a style. I play in anything that is well written that suits me.”

Future Dream: He wants to be a father. “I believe I will be a good father to my child or children. One of my biggest wishes is to write a theater play and travel to Turkey.”

Concerns: He finds the rating races on the screens worrying. “I have great respect for the TV series workers because they are the hard workers of the industry. Of course, I want good works to increase, but on the other hand, I want all things to work in a way, everyone to eat their own bread. But that doesn’t happen. A job that you have been working day and night for months can be removed after 3-5 episodes with the excuse of not getting a rating. It is certain that the system is not functioning very well.”

Relationship with nature: He loves nature and animals. He has a dog, he enjoys spending time with him. “My dog’s name is Tesla, I’m so in love, he came into my dreams when I first saw him. It’s named after Nikola Tesla. I’m an animal lover, I’ve always had an animal all my life. I was so in love with all of them, but my relationship with Tesla is something else. I always wanted to have a Jack Russell, and when I saw him, he entered my dreams or something. The next day I went and bought it. Love you so much. It is a very funny animal.”


2002- Efsane

2002- Melek

2004 – Kurtlar Vadisi (Chapter 48)

2005- Çemberimde Gül Oya

2006- Aliye / İlknur

2007- Karayılan / Şiro

2011 – Aşağı Yukarı Yemişlililer / Sülo

2012- Sultan/ Şeyhmus

2013- Güldür Güldür Show

2008/ 2011- Çok Güzel Hareketler Bunlar / Şahin

2018/2020- Jet Sosyete / Talip Yılmaz

2018 – Benimle Oynama (Himself)

2019 /2020- Çok Güzel Hareketler 2. Kuşak

2020- Kafa Doktoru/ Davut

2019 /2020- Beautiful Movements 2nd Generation

2020- Head Doctor/ David


2004 – Gönül Yarası/ Barmen

2004 – Yol Palas Cinayeti (TV Filmi)

2005- Memleket Hikayeleri: Aşan Bilir Karlı Dağın Ardını / Osman (TV Filmi)

2006 – Beynelmilel / Şahin

2007 – Kutsal Damacana / Doctor

2009- Neşeli Hayat / Serkan

2010 – Çok Filim Hareketler Bunlar

2011 – Kutsal Damacana: Dracoola / Drakula

2011- Entelköy Efeköy’e Karşı / Muhtar Ali

2015 – Git Başımdan / Latif Selamsız

2016 – Yok Artık 2 / Berber Adnan

2017 – Dede Korkut Hikayeleri: Deli Dumrul / Deli Dumrul

2018 – Düğüm Salonu / Serkan / Screenwriter / Actor


2015- Eğlendirme Dairesi / Actor

2016- 3G Show- Geldim Gördüm Güldüm / Actor


2012- Sadri Alışık Awards / Best Actor in a Musical or Comedy / Entelköy Efeköy’e Karşı

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