Who is Yağmur Tanrısevsin? Height - Age - Series - Family
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25 March 2023 01:11


Who is Yağmur Tanrısevsin? Height – Age – Series – Family

Yağmur Tanrısevsin was born on August 24, 1990 in Mersin. Turkish TV series and movie actress.

Name: Yağmur Tanrısevsin
Date of Birth: August 24, 1990
Place of Birth: Mersin
Height: 1.70 m.
Weight: 55 kg
Zodiac Sign: Virgo
Eye color brown
Mother: Deniz Tanrısevsin
Siblings: Pınar Tanrısevsin
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/yagmurtanrisevsin/
Pets: She has dogs.

Family: Everyone in her family is interested in business. She has an older sister. “My father longed for a boy. My family also waited for me as a boy. That’s why I probably had a stance that they called ‘Girl like a boy’. I’m strong, which made me a little masculine. ”

Childhood years: Acting was a childhood dream. When she was in the third grade of elementary school, she played the leading role in a theater and received very positive reactions, and she gained confidence in acting. “By the way, I have been painting since childhood, I studied at Marmara University Faculty of Fine Arts, but I never thought of painting as a profession.”

Education life: She graduated from Marmara Fine Arts Faculty Ceramics Department. She received acting training from important names such as Betül Algan Atay, Bahar Kerimoğlu, Meltem Cumbul and Ümit Çırak.

The turning point of her life: After starting university, she researched places where she could take acting classes and received training in many places. “My meeting with Tümay Özokur was the turning point of my life; he said he wanted to work with me. I was very happy that I thought it would guide me well. “The Girl Named Feriha” was my first drama.”

The first step to acting: He started his television adventure with the TV series “Named Feriha”.

With which project did she shine? She drew attention with the character of ‘Melis’ in ‘Waiting for the Sun’.

Personality traits: Strong, idealistic, ambitious, fair.

Social: She loves to travel and discover new places. She tries to spend almost all her free time by visiting different places. “The places I visit, the countries I visit, the people I meet, and even the food I eat add something to me. In fact, my interest is always to discover new things. I guess I’m a little curious. The world is too big, I don’t want to be limited to where I live. ”

Mindset: An ambitious person. She’s obsessed with her goals. She is doing her best to make it right. “I have an independent and free spirit, but I do not take anybody’s rights and do not act unfairly.”

First motion picture: Erşen Denk / The Tragedy

Her gaze on love: “Love is always important. Because having someone with whom they can share everything makes life much easier and enjoyable. I am a selective and difficult relationship person. I’ve always had long-term relationships. My priority in relationships is to be able to be friends. My relationships always start with friendship. Then it turns into love. ”

Her view of life: She thinks that being able to design is a skill that privileges people. Acting is another art she admires. She feels very lucky to be able to act. “Whatever I dreamed of when starting my student career, I am now living the truth. After that, I let it flow, I am busy with things I can feel peaceful about. These; My favorite activities are drawing, dealing with mud while sculpting, listening to music, morning on the beach and watching the sunrise with the sounds of the waves.

Her view of business life: She does not see acting differently than any other job. She does not grow to be known, thinks she manages her reputation well. “I’m not someone who will act in a few dramas and act differently, get into the mood. I am Yağmur, I travel as Yağmur in my normal life. The characters I play become famous, not me. But I love my job. I always try to do my best. I’m just in my 20s. I have been involved in successful projects so far. I want to move forward by choosing the right jobs and do the best. If you manage to become the person you used to be after reaching fame, you don’t need to protect anything. I try to live my simple and calm life before I became an actress. ”

Career plan: The most important issue is not to take a wrong step in her career. That’s why he is meticulous about the selection of projects with his manager Tümay Özokur and her teammates. “I want to take part in different types of movies, I am at the very beginning of the road. I need every role and director to develop me. I have to feed acting. No stopping, I am open to learning, observing, saving, in short, anything that will add value to me. I found myself acting, I have no intention of quitting again. ”

Dream of the Future: In the following years, she wants to act in art films and express herself well as an actor. She also has dreams about ceramics and design. “I reserved a corner of my house as a workshop. Now I am taking hand patterns from the mythical names related to sign language. The first name was Ara Güler. I want to open an exhibition called “Understanding is Dreams” soon. My goal is to make the deaf and mute happy and raise awareness. I do not know where and in what situation I will be professionally in 20 years. But I want to do my best, constantly learn and improve. For 30 years later, my first desire is to be a happy and peaceful person. ”

Role model: She finds something to take as an example from everyone who has reached certain positions and succeeded in her profession. “Every success story and failure is full of lessons. I think it is necessary to see them. ”

Who does she admire? She realized her dream of acting with Haluk Bilginer. “Playing with Haluk Bilginer my biggest dream. I was blown away when I learned that I was going to play father and daughter with him in Fugitive right after “Waiting for the Sun”. Apart from that, I am a big fan of the atmospheres, characters and art direction of the films Cem Yılmaz and Yılmaz Erdoğan. I hope I will have the opportunity to work with them one day.”

Her hobby: The ceramics she studied and the painting, which she thought to express herself most accurately since her childhood, are the forms of self-expression she cannot give up.

Does it follow fashion? First of all, she should feel free, beautiful and comfortable. She does not like to use a product that does not suit her because of fashion. She defines her style as dynamic, natural and lively. “I love sports style. I like the beret. Of course, always naturalness, naturalness, naturalness! I am a young girl who likes to be natural. ”

How does she keep her shape? Since looking beautiful is part of her job, she attaches importance to looking beautiful, but does not have aesthetic concerns. “I’m always in favor of being natural. I strive for natural nourishment and care with natural products. I take care to drink plenty of water and not to interrupt sports. It might sound cliché, but these are the basic rules of looking good. After doing these, frankly, I have no worries. ”

What does it spend money on? She makes more of her shopping online. “The internet makes people’s life easier, especially when they are in such an intense rush. But I also love to visit vintage and second hand shops in countries I travel to. ”


2017 – Love vs. Lies / Duygu
2015 – The May Queen / Nehir
2015 – He Called Me Father / Didem
2014 / 2015- Fugitive / Tülay
2013/2014 – Waiting for the Sun / Melis
2011/2013 – Dirty Seven / Müge
2011 – My Heart Is Yours
2012 – The Girl Named Feriha / Ece


2020- Baba Parası / Tülin

2016 – Yok Artık 2 / Damla

2015 – Katran /Jennifer

2015 – Geniş Aile Yapıştır / Çağla

2013 – Aşk Ağlatır

2013 – The Tragedy


2014- 5. Ayaklı Newspaper Television Awards / Best Youth Series Supporting Actress / Waiting for the Sun-Melis

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