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Who is Zuhal Topal? Height – Age – Series – Family

Zuhal Topal Saygıner was born on September 23, 1976 in Istanbul. Turkish TV series, cinema, theater actress and presenter.

Name: Zuhal Topal Saygıner
Date of Birth: September 23, 1976
Place of Birth: İstanbul
Height: 1.72 m.
Weight: 62 kg
Zodiac Sign: Libra
Eye Color: Light Brown
Hair color is brown
Wife: Korhan Saygıner
Child: Lina Saygıner
Siblings: Alpaslan Topal

Family: Originally from Gaziantep, she has been married to musician and singer Korhan Saygıner for over 10 years. The couple has a daughter named Lina.

Childhood years: She grew up in a large family, playing in a neighborhood setting. She had the talent to imitate from her childhood. She took her first step into acting in the first grade of primary school by performing a short single play during the reading holiday. She liked to make people laugh and impersonate both in her family and in her apartments. “I took the stage for the first time at the age of 6 in primary school. During the reading feast, I played the role of a one-man country girl. Again, I prepared and played a one-man tirade that I wrote myself. My teacher told my family that this girl will be a theater actor. I founded a theater group in middle school. I played various games in Bakırköy in high school. ”

Education life: She graduated from Müjdat Gezen Art Center Theater Department.

First step into acting: She started her television adventure with the TV series “Sevda Kondu”.

With which project did she shine? In 2003, she drew attention with her character “Suzan” in the TV series “My Magic Mother” (Sihirli Annem).

Personality traits: Active, energetic and lively, energetic in my family members and even my wife so that we came together. I am very fast. I guess that’s why the desk job was not for me at all.

Mindset: Her father’s early death at the age of 48 affected her mindset a lot. This painful event was a turning point where he truly understood the value of life. ” I know that life is short and time flows like water. I have suffered many losses, lost my valuable player friends. I’ve also seen young deaths. That’s why being grateful is at the heart of my life. It is necessary to enjoy every moment. Of course, I also have my worries, troubles and worries for the world. But I think that financial impossibilities should not make people unhappy, and they should not exclude them from such life. Material and livelihood are very important. Especially nowadays. People will think that he talks like this because he has good financial means, but no he is not! I also had financial difficulties. We were a family roasted within itself. We would create our own entertainment and be happy. I didn’t have toys. I did not study in colleges. We were a generation where nothing happened but happy to play on the streets. Look, the more things you have, the dissatisfaction and the feeling of emptiness will haunt you. I am a person who does not forget where he came from and is aware of what he is. ”

What’s the secret to a happy marriage? Respect and honesty. “Above all, you must really be able to trust the other person, lean on your back and believe. We tried, it didn’t work, we shouldn’t divorce. Our elders have been married for forty and fifty years. We consume relationships like clothes. We should not do some private work with our spouse. Relations should not be silenced. We say I, I, I, we are always egocentric. I think it should be like this, we should ask mutually how do you think it should be. Did you fight, someone should leave the house. One must take a breath. ”

How has being a mother changed her life? She sees motherhood as a gift that God bestows upon women. “When I became a mother, I realized that I am a woman. Lina taught me to be tolerant and patient. I learned to be more submissive from him. I found something missing in the puzzle of life when I became a mother. We were a couple traveling the world with my wife, doing what we wanted. I always postponed motherhood from live broadcasts and jobs. We wanted to reach a certain level. I did not want to let my child experience what I did not experience. I looked after Lina for two years. Now my mother, me, my wife and brother are looking after all together. We love the crowded family atmosphere. ”

Her view of life: She is not someone who lives with a business focus. “We are not just people who are happy with their work, who have built their lives and marriages on business. Our family, our own peace and happiness are more important than anything else. We love to be with our daughter, to travel and spend time at home, we are not very ambitious people. We work for our bread money and we take care of our families. But if something is in our fortune, it will. If not, we will say thank you and continue our lives. Our dream; To live in a city where we can eat our own crops, where chickens and roosters roam in its garden, where quieter, more peaceful, more genuine and sincere people live. ”

Perspective on business life: She thinks that if people turn to jobs and professions by believing, working and as much as their capacity allows, they will be productive and will get their reward. “To be successful in life it is necessary to work hard, there is no other way! Some people have very swollen egos, high ambitions, complex. This is something that takes them away. It is very tiring in the long run. The world of television is of course a competitive world, the cake is big. One should separate his work from his home. We have to get rid of ambitions and egos and return to our inner selves. ”

Career Plan: She’s been watching “The Ellen Show” for years with great pleasure. She wants to make such a program. She wants to play and produce in a sitcom-style series in the future. A movie with a good script is also among her plans. “We are even reading some scenarios with my wife right now. My job has never been a priority for me. I did not exist with such programs. I have never had any quirky ambitions or egos. I don’t have to prove anything to anyone. I choose a lot of work. What makes me who I am is that I say ‘no’ to some jobs that were offered to me in the past. Thanks to the works I refused, there is Zuhal Topal today, and if he finds its counterpart in society and is loved, then I have done the right things. I am a person who already has peace and harmony in life. I am comfortable. ”

Future Dream: Her dream ahead is not about working hard. It just needs a few more years for what they want to do. She loves traveling with her husband and daughter. She wants to devote more time to her daughter, herself and her hobbies.

Acting or presenting? Its place in the heart of acting is separate. “I studied at the conservatory for 4 years, we also took singing lessons, we were taught diction, dramatic acting, and comedy. I’ve also worked as TV series, programs, commercials, theater plays, radio programming and dubbing. I took part in cinema films. Of course, I had loved ones too, and I wished I hadn’t. There are also failures in this long-term adventure, and very successful signatures that were first in the history of television. I mean, all of them are my job, they are all my breadwinners, but of course acting has a special place in my heart.

Anxiety: She thinks well and positively. She does not like to see agitation and pain and tries not to follow the news. She also limits her relationships with friends who negatively affect her. “I’m smiling. But are there problems? Of course, many things happen in my life too, and I like to cry when necessary. I do not hesitate to show my feelings. I try to be honest, sincere and genuine. Everyone has an attitude in life. God gives everyone their bread according to their hearts. I don’t like ego and ambition. May Allah make such people easier. It’s a very dangerous thing. The summit is hard work. If you determine your life according to this peak, if you deploy your whole family here and use it for your business, you will be unhappy. Because your real life is behind this door. ”

What does she do at home? With her husband, they turn off the phones on certain days of the week and read a book and watch movies at home. “I give myself such cleansing times. Sometimes I take a break from coffee, do breathing exercises, slow my heart rhythms. I do sports, we take forest walks with my wife. I don’t like the nightlife. I don’t use alcohol and cigarettes either. So we have a conservative life. ”

How does she keep her shape? She loves the kitchen but does not have time to cook, her mother makes the meals at home. “I don’t eat too many carbohydrates. There is a village near my house, and I get products from there. I’m trying to eat organic food. ”

Does she follow the fashion? She follows the fashion but cannot apply it. “I made it a principle not to give a lot of money to the sackcloth. I detoxify myself and my wardrobe once or twice a year. I share my extra clothes with those who need it. I dress at the market, and I pay for the long-lasting items that I will use as a child. But overall simplicity and comfort are more in line with my soul. Black is my favorite color. I can say that red is my second favorite. ”

What does she spend money on? She buys toys for her daughter.


2015- In Love Again / Guest Actor

2011 / 2013- Europe Europe / Nermin Beceren

20019- Big Family (Geniş Aile) / Şukufe

2009- My Daisy (Papatyam) / Guest Actor

2008- Comedy Turkish

2006- I’m passionate to You (Tutkunum Sana) / Suna

2006 / 2007- Selena / Fitnat

2006-Back Streets

2006- Tarık and Others / Amber

2005- My Naughty Father (Haylaz Babam)

2005- El Bebek Gül Bebek / Aunt

2004- European Side (Avrupa Yakası) / Guest Player

2003- My Magical Mother (Sihirli Annem) / Suzan

2002- Ev Hali / Mine

2002- Lahmacun and Pizza

2002- Rating Hamdi

2002- Elemantary Family (Çekirdek Aile) / Doctor

2000-Poison Flower (Zehirli Çiçek)

2001 / 2002- Nanny: / Hostess Arzu

2001- Jinn and Fairies (Cinler ve Periler)

1996- Sevda Kondu / İlknur

1996- Expatriates (Gurbetçiler)

1998- Ruhsar

1996- Pencil (Kurşun Kalem)

1996- Yazlıkçılar / Model

1997- Black Angel (Kara Melek) / Sema

1995- Flower Taxi (Çiçek Taksi)

1995- Lie Loves (Palavra Aşklar)


2002- Suluboya / Zuhal

2009- Deli Deli Olma/ Figan

2004- Yol Palas Cinayeti / Sacide (TV Filmi)

2009- Kirpi / Nergis


2006- Selvi Boylum Al Yazmalım

2003/2004- Erkekler Ne İster

2002- Üçüncü Türden Yakın İlişkiler

1998- Tebeşir Dairesi

1996- Harikalar Sirki


2018/2020- Zuhal Topal’la Sofrada

2015/2017- Zuhal Topal’la

2014- Cümbür Cemaat

2012- Kazanmak İçin Bir Dakika

2012- Hayata Dair Zuhal Topal

2011- Zuhal Topal 4/4’lük Kadın

2009/2011- Zuhal Topal’la İzdivaç

2007- Şarkı Söylemek Lazım

2004- Hokus Pokus

2002- Film Gibi

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